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Marx And Engels Urban And Rural Development Thought Research

Posted on:2012-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330338995066Subject:History of development of Marxism
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Marx and Engels thought of urban and rural development is an important component of Marxist theory,its ideological and scattered in the German ideology, the discussion on the housing problem,the Das Kapital and other classics. This article based on the text to related works of Marx, Engels, who thought of urban and rural development through a system of picking, including urban and rural areas, urban-rural split opposition sources, the concept of urban and rural development and realization. Marx and Engels believed that urban-rural split opposition is a historical category.Inprimitive society, there is no difference between rural and urban, there is no urban-rural split opposition. With the emergence of slave society private ownership, generated a class society of urban-rural split opposition. The feudal society, and the divided opposition has been further developed. In particular, to the capitalist era, and the divided opposition reaches acute proportions. Marx and Engels in the system analysis of urban-rural split opposition on the basis of the production and development process, is profoundly revealed the root causes of the capitalist era of urban-rural split opposition. Marx and Engels believed that capitalist mode of production greatly promoted the development of social productive forces, while the Division increasingly refined and professional, the urban-rural split opposition reached an unprecedented level. Capitalism's"shell"has become a major obstacle to the harmonious development between urban and rural areas, this"shell"will be destroyed. Marx and Engels believed that Division of labour and the existence of private ownership, a direct result of the urban-rural split opposition, in the development of productive forces on the basis of Division of labor and private ownership is a product of history, therefore, with the Division of labor and private ownership of positive abandon, the future Communist society will inevitably towards the integration of urban and rural areas. By that time, people are able to reasonably adjust and control the production process of material information, achieving coordinated development of urban and rural areas.Study of Marx and Engels thought of urban and rural development,with important theoretical and practical significance. Formation in the planned economy era in China's urban and rural dual structure runs deep, serious imbalance of urban and rural development, urban-rural difference of long-standing,"three agriculture"problem is still very prominent. To this end, is guided by Marx and Engels thought of urban and rural development, seriously implement scientific development concept, promoting urban and rural harmonious development and common prosperity, pushing forward the construction of new Socialist countryside and constructing the Socialist harmonious society is of major significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx, Engels, productivity, urban and rural opposition, overall development
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