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Evaluation Index System And Evaluation Standard Of Sustainable Development In Country

Posted on:2006-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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To study and set up an evaluation index system and evaluation standard of sustainable forestry is a very important step for realizing the sustainable development of forestry, the index system and evaluation standard can also provide a methods and tools of diagnosis, regulation and estimate for sustainable forestry construction. Based on the spot survey of forestry status at 30 counties and its 30 forestry farms(Forestry Management Bureau) in the middle of the subtropics area in our country, and selecting some relative information of domestic and abroad according to ecology-economy-society compound ecosystem principle, adopting the Grey-theory, AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process), synthetic analysis method and Expert grades, we primarily build up our country's evaluation index system for Subtropics' sustainable forestry in our country, which consist of one objective(sustainable development of forestry), 3 guide line(benefit of ecology, economic benefit, social benefit) and 27 variation index. There is including 9 index benefit of ecology, 39score;11index of economic benefit, 38score; 7 index of social benefit, 23score. Result from these index shows ecology's need has already became the first need of forestry in society. Every variable index has been defined and given the specific connotation and evaluation scale. Four developed stages of forestry construction have been classified based on the evaluation standard: Non-sustainable, Semi-sustainable, initial sustainable and harmonizing & efficient sustainable forestry, the synthetic score of every level is <60score, 60-79score, 80-89score and ≥90score.Every forestry's county could evaluate the level they have developed and could also find out the different with other county according to the scores of every material index based on 27 synthetic evaluation scores and then to carry out the construction of the forestry in specified. Forestry construction of Liuyang, the important county of the Hunan Province ,has been evaluated with new index system and standard, the results showing: the synthetic score is 77, belong to Semi-sustainable forestry scales, there is still 3 scores to attain the stage of sustainable forestry, the main reasons to cause this phenomena as following: the quality of forestry (the forest timber volume of per area is low),the construction of forestry is unreasonable (the development of the third industry is lag) and the rate of science and technology facuty is low especially the high level of science and technology person is low.Three strategies have been put forward on how to carry out sustainable forestry construction in Liuyang contry based on the...
Keywords/Search Tags:Ecology, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Forestry, AHP, Evaluation Index, Evaluation Standard
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