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The Study Of Open Selection Model Of Party And Government Cadre From The View Of Competency

Posted on:2009-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360242490452Subject:Administrative Management
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Leading cadres are backbone force of the construction in the party's governance capability, The key of strengthen the party's executive power is whether the work of the selection and appointment of the cadres are well done. So, which method can be adopted to select the cadres and construct open selection model, is one of the problems which worth studying on. Based on this age background and theory background, this paper made use of the idea of competency model theory, which be successfully applied in western, studied on the cadres open selection model.The main content studied from four aspects, the paper first discussed the background and significance in detail based on many literature review home and abroad. and then, make a study on problems which related to research contents, described as below, made a definition with fundamental concept, such as cadrs,open selection,competency,competency model, etc. It discusses in detail the general situation of party and government leading cadres open selection. The open selection of leading Party and government cadres Reform be carried out in-depth theoretical analysis. Based on the competence of the open selection of cadres, party and government leaders laid a theoretical foundation model for the next step. After leading party and government cadres under the open selection of the status quo in the selection of model defects, proposed the open selection of leading Party and government cadres'mode based on the competence of thinking and discussed the creation of this specific mode of thinking and ways. Finally, to the open selection model based on the competence, the application of specific policy proposals is put forward.The Innovation of the research on election mode was studied by two sides: First, the innovation of research perspective, the research was placed on the background of the reality that strengthening the Party's governing capability, the study on competency of leading cadres and the open selection model of leading cadres were combined. Secondly, the innovation of research methods, literature and case studies were used by this research, The common of cadre personnel system reform and the reality problem of the open selection system were analyzed in depth; explain to solve problems, explain, improve the innovative way and enhance countermeasures, and strive to do to a point with face, layers of decomposition.
Keywords/Search Tags:Competency, party and government cadre, open selection model
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