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The Study Of Competency Model At The County Party And Government Leadership Talent Selection Mechanism

Posted on:2009-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360242490590Subject:Administrative Management
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In recent years, with China the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, economic system from the planned economy to a market economy is accelerating the pace of restructuring, the economy with the world economy increasingly close ties to the party and government leadership talent Competency requirements are also getting higher and higher, their political and professional qualities, ideological quality and ability to govern will directly affect the level of grassroots political power in the firm and the stability of the country. The establishment of the socialist market economy requirements, and is full of vigor and vitality of the party and government leadership talent selection mechanism for the selection of the public sector with competence characteristics of the outstanding leadership of the party and government personnel, is to improve the party's leadership capacity and ability to govern, and building a socialist harmonious the inevitable demand of the community, but also effectively curbed the use of unhealthy practices, and create a democratic, open and fair atmosphere employing an important way is the implementation of "the party's management" principle and the implementation of "talent power," the urgent task of strategy. With public sector human resources management concept breakthroughs and innovation, academics also on the party and government leadership talent selection reform and perfect the mechanism of a useful exploration of our party to the selection of party and government leaders have also a great deal of useful reform and try, and have made remarkable achievements. However, in the selection and use of the party and government leadership talent that still exist in some areas badly need to be improved, such as: the selection mechanism of a non-scientific, merit and nepotism contradictions, the paradox ability and political integrity, performance evaluation system is far from perfect, as solution to the current county-level party and government leadership talent in the work of the selection criteria for selecting imperfections, as well as the problem, and the county, observing and leadership talent selecting, appointing more objective, impartial, scientific, it is necessary to study the county or division level party and government leaders Competency Model talent, and to build and use to model the core competence at the county party and government leadership talent selection mechanism. In this paper, the use of public sector human resource management related theoretical results, the use of modern concepts of human resources and advanced technological means to explore construction of the county or division level party and government leadership talent competence as a core model and the selection mechanism to objectivity, impartiality and have visionary who can judge the competence of a high-level posts, and in the future work in creating a good performance talents, and from both theory and practice to prove its significance.
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