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The Research On The System Of Open Selection Of Leading Cadres

Posted on:2013-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330371999883Subject:Public Management
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Since the reform and opening, the continuily reform of cadre selection and appointment system has get remarkable aohievement. The establishment and implementation of an open system of selection of leading cadres is one of the most outstanding achievements. During the innovation and development, the growing cadre selection and appointment system is gradually grown into an important part in the cadre management in30years.Based on the theory and empirical research, the paper study the open selection system syslematicly. Firstly the paper introduced the system of open selection of leading cadres in the development process, by dividing it into three stages, openly discussed the meaning and value of the selection system, comparative analyze the open selection system and our ancient imperial examination system, the Western system of civil service selection, appointment system, elected system, merit system; summarized five kinds of open selection mode and make comparative analysis of the scientific system of open selection system, including the leadership and organizational systems, technologies and methodologies, monitoring system; secondly select Anhui x x x x City, Province, District, Division, open selection of township-level cadres as a case to pvoceed the empirical study.The papers hope future a reference work for promoting the construction of an open selection of leading cadres have implications for institutional; Lastly,according to the theoretical analysis and case studies, comovning the open selection practices, open selection system analyzing the problems and shortcomings, exploring the reasons of the problem, pronosing the measures which the local party organizations to promote the institutionalization of open selection of leading cadres of development and recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Leading cadres, Cadre selection and appointment system, Openselection system
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