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A Study On The Construction Of A Service-oriented Local Government

Posted on:2011-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360308484135Subject:Marxism in China
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With the social and economic development, service-oriented government as an objective model of the administrative system reform in contemporary China, it has become the consensus of the central and local governments and has put into practice. It is an an important practical issue to pursue the realization routes on the construction of the service-oriented governments(especially service-oriented local government), which is party committees, governments and theoretical workers should faced and resoloved.The paper which based on the works previously, combines the theoretical analysis wih the empircials studies and adopts the methods of historical approach, empirical analysis, normative analysis. The article elucidates the conception and connotation of service-oriented government firstly. And from the beginning, generally review and summaries the progress about the construction of the service-oriented local governments and major mode of government. Thesis study on the construction of local service-oriented governments via the Jiaozuo case, carried out systematic review and empirical study on the constructions of service-oriented local governments by selecting Jiaozuo as its case, conscientiously sum up successful experiences, problems and causes in the relevant constructions of our service-oriented local governments, pursuing the realization routes on the construction of the service-oriented local governments in order to making reference to relevant departments, and also provide useful theoretical guidance to construction of service-oriented local governments.Service-oriented government is a new mode of government (or government type). How to build? There is no ready-made model or experience. All local governments must proceed from their actual conditions and take effective measures to attain the objectives. The writter believes that local service-oriented governments emphasis on the construction. We should take pertinent measures to push foward the constuction of sevrice-oriented local govenrment from nine aspects: Firstly, undering the guidance of service philosophy, we should adhered to the people-centered approach; chang the conception of local governance by changing the management and control to sevrice; strengthen the idea of cost and benefit on public services, strive to put smaller devotion to maximize outputs, provide high quality services for the public under the limited local financial resources. Secondly, we should work out measures to to strengthen public service function in major service fields, which including the employment,social welfare,public health,science and education. Thirdly, we should perfect a whole set of policies to ensure a thoughtful service. Fourthly, we should deepen the reform of the financial system and the reformation of financial control system to complet the system of public finnace. Fifthly, we should strengthen the construction of E-government to make more local efficient governments. Sixthly, Decision-making organs at all levels should improve the rules and procedures for taking major policy decisions to establish a system of reporting social conditions and public opinion. Seventhly, we should innovate to the realistic paths of diversified subjects in public service supply. Eighthly, we should make great efforts to complete the system of regional government performance evaluation. Lastly, we should strengthen the supervision of local government public services, strictly implementing the accountability system is to increase the sense of service. Only so, the target of building local service-oriented government can be achieved.
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