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Research On Career Planning Of Professional Student

Posted on:2011-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167330332482525Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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With the college expansion, a large number of graduates flock to community, so college students face serious employment pressure. while even more difficult for vocational students, and it is inevitable for vocational students to consider how to plan their career. There are many different jobs in the world that require different job ability and the wedges are also different. so it requires students (vocational college students) to pose themselves reasonably based on their own conditions. In recent years, China began to put forward the concept of career planning, and a number of organized educational activities, but because of relatively late start, lacking of specialized guiding philosophy and operating standards,there are some shortcomings and deficiencies in the course of implementation, it is necessary for education sector, educators and learners to improve and perfect themselves. This paper investigate the development of career planning in Higher Vocational Education and make more research on career planning of vocational education students.this paper is divided into four parts, and I make use of questionnaire survey, literature, observation and other research methods.In the first part, I analyze the necessity of the implementation of career planning in Higher Vocational Schools, which is determined by the nature of vocational education, necessary trend of social development and vocational development.In the second part, I defined the concepts involved in this paper. And elaborate the concept of occupation, career, career planning based on the research at home and abroad and put forward the definition this paper.In the third part, I make research in four Vocational College in Dalian and state the survey results. I think that studying basis of students is poor, and their professional purposes are more like the blind professional satisfaction is lower, do not know what to do, what is suitable to do. there is a lack of education concepts, specific implementing agencies implementation of methods in Vocational education, and also their family do not attach importance to vocational education. Then analyze the existing problem.In the fourth part, I propose some advice on strengthening career planning for higher education student based on the current situation us and problems. higher vocational schools should reform in educational concept, educational theory, educational model, curriculum and other aspects, they should establish specialized career planning guidance sector, arrange the professional staff of career planning, and called on all levels of society and families with vocational students to establish a correct attitude towards vocational students and to provide equal employment opportunities and guidance. They should'also provide the appropriate self-adjustment methods from vocational students'own point of view.this paper has some theoretical and practical significance of the research of career planning in vocational college. This can enhance rational knowledge about career planning and development for scholars, researchers, vocational school vocational students,and can make further understand the nature of career is obvious to lay the foundation for career education.I propose the advice on strengthening education in career planning on the basis of investigations.This paper can make further understanding and awareness of the significance of career planning for vocational students, and can help them establish the correct concept of career planning and correct life goals to motivate their enthusiasm in establishing their correct concept of occupation and values, improve their adaptation to the society. It provides some use value and operability for theory and practice of operations on career planning in vocational college.
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