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The Reaserch About Core Competence On Higher Vocational College Under The Perspective Of Powerful Human Resourcer Of Henan Province's Strategics

Posted on:2012-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the most populous and less developed inland province,Henan Province is facing some issues such as"weak economic foundation, late development, huge population"and so on.The Higher Vocational Education in Henan province has been developing by leaps and bounds in the last decade. However, because of some reasons as the thin basis, fast pace of development,lack of experience in education , a number of problems have emerged in the course of the development of vocational education,and the most prominent one is the lack of competitiveness and attractiveness in higher educational field. With the coming of the knowledge age,more importance has been attached to the human resource development all over the world,China Government proposed the "power of human resources strategy". In 2008 , in the "Two Sessions" ,director of Education Department of Henan Province, Jiang Duyun has said"Henan has entered a new stage of development, a new stage that transforming from the human resources province to one of human resources powerful province".In the background of "province of human resource strategy" proposed, this article anaylses the Core Competence of Vocational throuth theory and practice. And the essay mainly includes five parts:The first part proposes the background and significance, define the core competencies of higher vocational colleges and other related concepts on the basis of the human capital theory ,competitive advantage and core competence, finally plans the writing ideas and structure of this essay; the second part mainly discusses the background, meaning and the necessity of the study on Human Resources of Henan Province; the third part mainly anaylses the main achievements and problems facing the vocational education in Henan province, raise the idea that to enhance the core competitiveness is the important support of the implementation of the "province of human resources strategy", then emphasizes the urgency of enhancing the core competitiveness of Vocational colleges. The forth part mainly discussed the features of core competence in higher vocational colleges and established the evaluation principles of comprehensive, hierarchy,etc. and on the basis of such evaluation principles, this essay analyses the ideal state of Higher Vocational Education of Henan Province from four major dimensions :the basic foundation of the college, the teams of teachers,the capability of personnel training and social marketing service. And according to the set of secondary indicators of eighteen empirical study, this study made a comparation between Henan Province and Guangdong province ,which is located in the coastal area by averaging independent samples T test and differentiation , finally,we arrived at the advantagias factors and weak points of the competitiveness of our province's vocational college as well as the reasons.The fifth part put forward the ways to enhance the core competitiveness of Henan Vocational training in accordance with the above weak factors existing in Henan Province's Vocational Colleges .Finally, the conclusion part of the tail echo,By enhancing the core competitiveness of vocational colleges can improve the overall quality of the population of our province and the creation of high skilled personnel, then to bring new opportunities for the optimal allocation of human resources in the province,and also contribute to the province from the Populous Province forward to Human Resources.
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