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Research On University Students Participating In Student Management

Posted on:2011-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330332961813Subject:Higher Education
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Student management is the important work,it is attached great importance and is strived to improve by university. Students participating in student management are unavoidable and need to careful treat. Based on this, in order to academia to provide new research perspective to university managers, to specify student management work of new ideas,the author believes that to discussion has theoretical and practical significance.This research,the author from four parts to clarify viewpoint.The first part,first,to point out students participating in student management is important and necessary. Second,to conduct literature review. Third, to clarify the method of this study : literature method,questionnaire,interview.Finally, to define main concepts.The second part,the empirical analysis. According to the data of questionnaire and interview results from:In the content and degree, there are differences between actual participation and expectations participation. In the management level and the management of the stage, the comparison of effect and time; Managers' attitude towards students participating student management. Managers provide participating conditions. The results of handling student views. Managers' advice about content, degree and channels. Managers' the main view of students participating in student management; Students' understanding level on participation significance and power. Students' differences between understanding and self-evaluation in participating ability.Behavior analysis for students participation; Students analysis cause of quit from student management.The third part,to conclude the main problems of students participating in student management, and find the main cause: participating experience and knowledge with students, participating context, student management system, managers of performance and personality.The fourth part,to reveal student participating in student management of the comfortable principle that the five key points-two goals comparison, to provide the reference scale to university managers,to propose countermeasures to improve student participation: To improving student management related systems;To carry out participating education; To correct analysis students , manager's own , students' interests through communication, and to promote the smooth implementation of student management.
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