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Research Into The Formation Of Features Of The Newly-founded Colleges Under Local Administration

Posted on:2005-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360122992752Subject:Principles of Education
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Back grounded with the popularization and the massive scale development of higher education of china, the newly-founded colleges under local administration not only serve as the driving force to promote the economic and social development of the district, but also emerge as an important factor conducive to the local-oriented development of Chinese higher education .the challenges most of the colleges have to face up to is to restart a new undertaking and to carry out the transformation from college for professional training to college offering undergraduate course ,and from college to university .during that transformation ,it is substantially essential that certain features be formed.The methodologies we employ in the thesis concern survey, literature and comparison and so forth .we also choose some typical and representative colleges such as JiaXin College in Zhejiang province, DeZhou College in Shandong province and Western ChongQing College as case study. To analyze the conditions under which the features of a college are develop, the newly-founded colleges are therefore compared with these famous universities under local administration. Findings are here blow as follows: the newly-founded colleges boost of some features such an easy accesses to local resources, enthusiasm of the relevant departments to go into the field, inclination to conduct reform and innovation aswell as the support from the local. In the meantime, there also exist some phenomenon such as the unreasonable structure of teaching staff's academic credentials, relatively low social status of teacher, lack of capital and weakness of research capacity. Base on such analyses, some tactics are advanced in the paper: serving the development of the local district; Training and employing teachers with characteristics offering special subjects and courses; Constructing mode of students' training with features and creating harmonious culture environment of campus...
Keywords/Search Tags:the Newly-founded Colleges under Local Administration, the Formation of Features, District
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