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A Study Of The Management Pattern Of The Corporate University

Posted on:2007-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360182994393Subject:Higher Education
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The corporate university is one kind of new higher education's school pattern, it is an important part of the social education system, and the corporate university was already one kind of education form that is widely accepted by the people. Corporate university's appearance, not only enriched the higher education's connotation and extension, but also caused the multiplex trend of the higher education organization to be more and more obvious. Obviously, the corporate university is different from the tradition university, which is the most main organization in the higher education now. But the corporate university is a traditional university's important supplement in the aspect of bringing up senior special talented person. Under the background of lifelong education and lifelong learning, the author believes that this kind of supplement not only will be beneficial, but also will be extremely essential.In the paper, the author firstly elaborates in the introduction this research selected topic background, the research significance, the background summarize, the research mentality and the research method and so on, and has pointed out this research difficulty and the innovation spot. Then, the author gives the expatiation and definition of "the corporate university" and "the management pattern of the corporate university", and introduces the corporate university's appearance and development, the characteristic of the management pattern of the corporate university, and the system of the management pattern of the corporate university. And then, the author elaborates the management pattern of the corporate university from three aspects. These aspects are student and teacher management, curriculum and teaching management, soft environment and hard environment management. To these three aspects explanation and the elaboration, causes us scientifically to construct a management pattern of the corporate university, which conforms to the economical, the management and the education development's requests.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corporate University, Management Pattern, Student Management, Teacher Management, Curriculum Management, Teaching Management, Soft Environment Management, Hard Environment Management
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