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Research On The Relations Between Educational Structure, Industrial Structure And Employment Structure

Posted on:2008-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360215497446Subject:Industrial Economics
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The paper, based on the existed researches, by use of therorical and empirical mothods, introduces the human quality factor into the theory of industrial structure and analyses the relations and the law of changes between educational structure, industrial structure and empolyment structure. From the analysis, we expect to grasp the factors which influence the changes of structure to make the economy develop more quickly and to promote the social harmonious development.The relation between the educational structure and employment structure show that the change of overall empolyment quantity has different impacts on all levels of educational structure. It imposes more impacts on those who only acquire elmentary and middle education than the ones with higher education.The relation research between industrial structure and educational structure show that the economic growth plays positive effects on all levels of education. The middle and higher education have obvious promotion to the growth of Secondary industry. The higher education displays a favorable effect on the upgrading of industrial structure.Inharmonious development is found among the three industries and the First industry needs to be reinforced. The relation research between industrial structure and employment structure shows that the change of employment has the positive effect on gross domestic product, and the change of employment has obvious effects on the Agriculture and Secondary industry.A law of synchronical development between the industrial structure, educational structure and employment structure is found by analysis of different typical countries in the world, which reveals the relations between the level of labourer's education, upgrading of the industrial structure and changes of employment and provides a useful thought to enhance economic growth and establish a harmonious society.
Keywords/Search Tags:industrial structure, educational structure, employment structure, relation research, synchronical development
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