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Research On The Interactional Relationship Between Local University And Community

Posted on:2008-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The social management mode and higher education system are taking deep development as China is transferring from planned economy to market economy. The community construction is on the rise, while the Unit System(danwei ) collapses gradually. Community construction in the city has become an important part of social development, especially under the background of establishing harmonious socialism society. Local university has achieved more autonomy because of higher education system reform, and at the same time depends more and more on community resource. Therefore, the natural interaction relationship between local university and community attracts more and more attention.The paper discussed what kind of interactional relationship had ever happened between local university and community during the transitional period, as well as the reasons, types, and outcomes of the interractional relationship, aiming at exploring the characteristics and the law of the interactional relationship, and then providing some suggestions for the local university and community in order to improve social harmony and development.With regard to the analysis fraework, this paper makes use of the system that is particularly designed to analyze the interactional relationship between local university and community, which is established by American Doctor White, Suzanne Wrightfield , and which includes (1) five elements of interaction: event, purpose, participants, outcome, and interaction type; (2) five corresponding questions; (3) two constructed types from the literature; and (4) categorical and supplemental analyses . At the same time, according to some theories in sociology and management, as well as the facts of the interactional relationship between local university and community in other countries, the paper proposed a research assumption on the interactional relationship between the local university and community in China. By using the methods of case study, interview, comparative research, literature review and modified analysis system, the paper chose Hunan Institute of Science and Technology and Community of Yueyang as a case, to analyze the event, purposes, participants, outcomes, and interaction types between them. Then the paper divided the interactional relationship into four stages, and revealed the interaction characteristics of different stages and elements. Finally, the paper tested the research assumption, and got a new conclusion of the interactional relationship between the local university and community in China.(1) Generally speaking, the interactional relationships between local university and community in China are good, but they show different interaction features in different periods: they are greatly influenced by political,administrative, emotional factors, and they have little correlated benefit in planned economy; while in market economy, the interaction is more influenced by economic elements, while the political,administrative, and emotional elements are all weakened."Development"became the main goal for the local university and community, and the direction, nature, scope, intensity and dependent degree of their interraction will be gradually strengthened along with the improvement of market economy.(2) Fulfilling their own function are the precondition and basic purpose of the interaction for the local university and community. Political and emotional theme once was the main purpose of the interaction.(3) The students of the local university and some important figures in the community are the main participants, and they have played an important role in the interaction. The president, school committee and faculty in the university and other members in the community are the subordinate participants. Local university has little consciousness, so the interaction is partial, scattered, optional and occasional without programming and organization.(4) Their interaction takes cooperation as the main form, and then obedience. It indicates that there is a lot inability behind the good relationship, which is different from America. Exchange has not become the main type of interaction between local university and community; their dependent degree is still very infirm; the support and resource obtained from the other side are still not great. All this suggests that both local university and community have to make great efforts for the better and more effective interaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Transitional Period, Local Universities, Community, Interactional relationship
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