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A Study On The Problems And Solutions Of Internal Quality Assurance Of Postgraduate Education In Local Universities

Posted on:2009-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360272980657Subject:Higher Education
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Chinese economic development must be changed from the resource -dependent to the innovation-driven type, from a reliance on foreign technology to the type of independent innovation strategy, this is not only the need of economic development, but also the need of building a well-off society .A large number of persons who have rich innovative spirit and ability are needed to adapt to the change of economic development pattern and the building of a well-off society. Building an innovation oriented country needs a large number of innovative talents, and talented person's raise depends on school's education. The postgraduate education is the major way to cultivate the innovation talented persons. In a sense, postgraduate education's level represents the national science and technology research level and development standard. Therefore, no high level of post-graduate education, no realization of innovation country .The development of graduate education shoulders the heavy task of the development of our country, the quality of postgraduate education in China is related to the quality of creative talent. Although the local universities which have their superiority and the characteristic discipline are not the postgraduate education development main body, they are actually an important force of developing postgraduate education. In order to train more high-level personnel for local economic development to keep regional economic a continued, healthy and rapid development and contribute a proper strength for the innovation country's construction,developing the postgraduate education in local universities and guaranteeing its education quality has the pivotal function.In order to survey the ways to guarantee the postgraduate education quality, the main idea of this essay is as follows:First, on the basis of the demand that the current innovative society emergently needs the innovative talented person, the author analyses the importance of post-graduate education quality assurance, and discusses the concept of local universities, postgraduate education, the quality of graduate education, post-graduate education quality assurance etc.Second, the author recalls the history of the development of postgraduate education in the past years, in the process of constantly expanding scale of higher education, postgraduate education in our country also presents the spanning-like development, the postgraduate education of local universities in our country is prosperous. As a result of the expansion of the scale, great changes took place in the postgraduate education system, the quality of the postgraduate education set to a higher request.Third, taking three representative universities in Jiangxi province as the investigation object, the author surveys the postgraduate training objectives, postgraduate students'fresh source, the construction of postgraduate tutor team, postgraduate curriculum management, postgraduate education quality management of papers, analyzes its difficulties and insufficiencies, and points the problems which exist in the postgraduate education quality assurance of local universities.Fourth, based on the management experience of guaranteeing the postgraduate education quality in foreign developed countries, the author proposes the corresponding countermeasure aiming at the problems that exist in local universities, such as:"expand the numbers of students resource and upgrade the quality of education, strengthen the construction of postgraduate tutor team, enhance management quality of curriculum and papers t and etc."This research is the sub-topic of the key topic of educational and scientific planning in Jiangxi Province"Research on Higher Education Quality Assurance Mechanism in Popularization Stage—Jiangxi Province as an Example", which is chaired by my tutor. The author takes three typical local universities in Jiangxi province as the example, studies the problems of master's graduate education at local colleges and universities from the empirical perspective , combs the concept and theoretical thinking, and puts forward countermeasures and suggestions...
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