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Researche On The Course Examination Management In Newly-built Local Colleges And Nniversities

Posted on:2011-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360308965486Subject:Education Technology
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3With the increasing popularization of higher education in China, in order to meet the requirements of rapid enrollment expansion for colleges and universities, a number of old postsecondary specialized colleges and private college have been upgraded into local university. They exert all efforts to carrying out basic teaching construction and teaching reform to ensure the high quality of students training and improve their competitiveness. As the most directed typical means of an educational assessment, course examinations plays not only an essential part of education process, an important way of testing the effect of teaching and feedbacking on teaching, but also an important guarantee for achieving training objectives and improving teaching quality. Therefore, improving the course examination system and carrying out the management reforms on course examinations function a critical role in the development of newly-built local universities.However, because of the reality of shorter history, unsound course system, imperfect discipline and professional structure, inadequate resources of high level, under influence upon factors such as traditional examination-oriented education model, outdated educational teaching concepts and a single management subject, local universities experienced some misunderstandings of course examinations and there exist some shortcomings in terms of organizational process for course examinations. As a result, course examinations can not really play their diversification functions; reform of teaching methods and improvement of educational teaching quality are impeded in newly-built local universities.Through the analysis of current research of course examination management, this study author has found that most research relevant is aimed at common colleges and universities and that advantages and disadvantages of course examinations are analyzed and solutions are sought through the study of examinations in themselves; while there are few researchs associating course examinations in colleges and universities with external factors including colleges or universities types, their geographical characteristics, social-based examination models for analysis. There is a research gap in terms of specially directing management reform of course examinations in newly-built colleges and universities. In view of a higher proportion of newly-built colleges and universities in Chinese colleges and universities and their enormous potential for future development, researches on management reform of course examinations need to be carried out and is of considerable significance. Taking a new local universities BinZhou University in Shandong Province as the case, the study, based on Educational Measurement Theory, System Theory, Communication Theory, Teaching Theory, Learning Theory, has done some empirical researches by employing the methods of literature review, development analysis, comparative analysis, interviews, questionnaire survey and system theory. The study has also made some objective analysis of some existing problems in course examination management in newly-built local colleges and universities such as strong utilitarian of examination, singe examination form, rigid examination content, lack of after-examination management, improper examination supervision and bastardized treatment, and unreasonable make-up and incomplete examinations. Through the attribution analysis, the study has summarized the following reasons: inadequate emphasis on course examination management reform, all but universal function understanding, unreasonable role distribution, weak legal awareness, lack of supervision mechanism and severe thought of"elfishness". Finally, the study, combined with their own characteristics of newly-built local colleges and universities, has put forward reform principles and strategies conforming to school realities and educational teaching law.Through researching, the study come to the conclusion that to carry out course examination reform in newly-built local colleges and universities, objective, holistic, guiding, scientific, subjectivity principles should be followed and strategies should be adopted such as renewing ideals, improving management links and overall quality of teachers, and establishing supervision mechanism. At the same time, some researches on and reforms of links should be implemented including choosing teaching content, establishing course system, carrying out academic credit system and formulating methods of assessing work. Course examination management system and its process need to be improved; its multi-function should be realized and a virtuous circle between examination and teaching process should be built. Carrying out course examination management reform in newly-built local colleges and universities contributes to promoting establishment of teaching and study styles, and school spirit, guiding educational reform direction in higher colleges and universities, speeding up establishment of course system, promoting steady improvement of academic and professional structure, making, safeguarding training innovative and practical talents, so as to provide a safeguard for improve educational teaching level and talents training quality in newly-built local colleges and universities.
Keywords/Search Tags:newly-built local colleges and universities, course examination management, present situation analysis, strategy study
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