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Research On The Exercise Of A Binary Connection "Dual-perspective" Evaluation Instrument By The Middle Staff At Longkou Mining Group

Posted on:2010-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360275986388Subject:Business Administration
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The members of the management level are the core human resources in the enterprise and of strategic importance. How to assign them to maximize their value are determined by the assessment and evaluation, which could be the solution of the two problems of"impartial assignment"and"recommending virtuous and talented personals". As performance assessment and qualification evaluation are done from different bases, some problems, such as disjointing, lagging, differentiating, occur at some enterprises and this influences the result of comprehensive evaluation. In this paper, the topic how to make an integration of performance assessment and qualification evaluation is discussed and the method of penetrating and focusing is established, which could help to gain more scientific and objective results.In this paper, the problems existing in the assessment and evaluation are studied and a binary connection"Dual-perspective"evaluation instrument is presented on the basis of the analyzing the realities of the management at Longkou Mining group and by reference of the advanced techniques used in the evaluation home and broad. The instrument outlines the basic evaluation concepts and establishes the operation procedure, which makes the concepts and procedures more impartial and rational, confirmed with reality, assures an accurate, impartial result.In the binary connection"Dual-perspective"evaluation instrument, the intrinsic qualification evaluation and the performance assessment, being inter-consistent, is firstly being divided then combined, reaching the goal which could reflect the performance directly and embody the intrinsic qualification of the members. Firstly, in line with the evaluation standard of SOE, the quantity result of each member is put forward by penetrating his or her intrinsic quality with the technique of theory analysis, comparative studying, statistical analysis, forum discussion and expert consultancy. Secondly, the quantity result of performance assessment of the member and its team is produced by penetrating their performance with the aforementioned technique in line with the Indices, and then the result is classified. Thirdly, the results are expressed in a coordinate, aid by binary connection to integrate organically, the end results are made. In practice, the assessment and evaluation by the binary connection"Dual-perspective"instrument exerted on the members of the management level, could visualize their work behaviors and exercise outer pressure on them. Moreover, the feedback result, helping them to know their status such as capacity, attitude, performance and relative position, could produce an inner pressure and force of constraint on them.The paper makes some improvements in the research of performance assessment and quality evaluation, and it deepen the understanding of the"Dual-perspective"instrument and enrich the evaluation theory of management level in the enterprise.
Keywords/Search Tags:State-owned enterprise (SOE), middle staff of the management level, performance assessment and quality evaluation
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