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Promotion Strategies And Appraisal On Provincal Science And Technology Competitiveness

Posted on:2010-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360302959278Subject:Administrative Management
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It is widely recognized that science and technology has promoted the economic development and the competitive advantages of science and technology is sure to become a driving force for the economy. As a nation of a large population and broad scope, each province of our nation has its unique policy and mode of development. At the same time, regional science and technology competitiveness has become the overall fundamental competitiveness of over country. As a consequence, it is urgent for us to devise a practical science and technology competitiveness evaluation index system which will be beneficial not only for us to judge the overall scientific resources in each region but also become a reference for each province.In this article, we analyzed the theory and practice of science and technology competitiveness both at home and broad, introduced the related theory of science and technology competitiveness and explained connotation of science and technology competitiveness. We established the science and technology competitiveness evaluation index system for each province and based on relative theory of plurality, we formed the evaluation model of science and technology competitiveness in each province and analyzed the typical examples in each province. We tested and ranked the overall, structural and comprehensive competitiveness by means of plurality model and ideal point method. At last we expressed the development path of each province by means of complex plane and analyzed the strong point and weak point of each path.In this article, by analyzing the theoretical and example of science and technology competitiveness of each province, we provide the proper development mode for each of them, designed the development path and objective in order to provide the guideline for making the science and technology development strategy and enhancing the competitiveness of it.
Keywords/Search Tags:Science and technology competitiveness, Overall science and technology competitiveness, Structural science and technology competitiveness, Science and technology index, Science andtechnology evaluation
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