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Southwest Research Institute Of China Railway Restructuring And Corporate Governance, Strategic Research

Posted on:2004-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P SuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092985192Subject:Business Administration
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China is now pushing forward reforms and development in the science and technology sectors. One of the most important steps is to deepen reform to promote the turning of applied scientific research institutions into enterprises and encourage the development of technology-based enterprises. This is an important measure to integrate science and technology with economy. With the first group that 242 scientific research institutes(SRI) subordinated to the central government departments and the second group that 134 SRIs subordinated to the central government ministries' departments have been run as enterprises, scientific research institutes focused on applied research throughout the country shall be transformed into technology-based enterprises. The government will, through scientific and technological projects bidding, support technological research activities. Scientific research institutions, after being transformed into enterprises, shall face the new challenge, which is to establish modern enterprise systems and be geared to the needs of the market, giving full play to strong research, development and innovation, and constituting new and vigorous economic growth. Among those SRIs mentioned above, many of them have chosen a way of entering into a state owned corporation as a subsidiary company to fulfill their new missions.Basically, all these new enterprises are facing a kind of new challenge. That is, despite the thorough changes of the enterprise's mission and strategy, the organization itself still lack of experiences in making an implement plan and put new strategy into practice.Before being transformed into enterprises, those organizations have a long history of being a scientific research institutions. And the mission of an institution is to make progresses in its specific scientific fields. The management of how to fulfill the goal of an institute is totally different from an enterprise. After being transformed into enterprises in 2000, it is the first time that they have to gear their goals to the needs of the market, following the strategy of their parent companies. So the main challenge now they are facing is how to make a practical implement planand fulfill the organization's new strategy correctly. The writer chooses an study object, The Southwest Branch of China Academy of Railway Sciences (SWBCARS), which is focusing on civil engineering applied technology, from the second group of institutes which had been transformed into technology-based enterprises. The writer has years of working experience, especially spent 7 years of managing practice on the job of managing the Department of R&D of the SWBCARS facing the needs of the market demands, before entering the SWUFE to study MBA degree. And the writer had experienced the whole period of the SWBCARS being transformed into enterprises during the period of study in the SWUFE. During the study period, the writer learned the progressing paces of management theories in professional service fields in China mainland and abroad.The management goal faced by the applied-technology-based enterprise is different from an ordinary industry company or a merchant company. Since the main business supplied to the market by an applied-technology-based enterprise is professional services. And the service, as an intangible product, has its particularities from a tangible product. So the challenges faced by managers who run an applied-technology-based enterprise is different from an ordinary industry company or a merchant company. Now the SWBCARS has been transformed into an applied-technology-based enterprise, the Southwest Branch of the China Railway Engineering Group (SBCREG). Its main businesses composed by fore parts. The first one is applied-technology scientific study contracts. The second one is Specialty Engineering construction contracts. The third one is specialty engineering consulting services contracts (including geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, construction materials testing & engineering, consultations for site...
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