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Land Sustainable Evaluation Method

Posted on:2005-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122991306Subject:Environmental Science
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The idea of Sustainable land use was conformed at Proceeding of the International Workshop on Sustainable Land in 1990. Many scholar were playing attention on Sustainable Land use , and have acquired a large of outcomes after researching it. At present, the indicators of Sustainable land use evaluation are the important issues of the international land resources.This paper deals with the indicators and method of Sustainable land use evaluation about county on the base of the former, and make a new system of methods for Land sustainable use evaluation. The system includes some aspects, such as indicators, evaluation model, weight and prediction model. This paper has some innovations, and they may be divided into some aspects below. First, we make up the perfect indicators of Sustainable land use evaluation, and the selected indicators are practical and applicable. Second, in the course of evaluation, we use the Analytic Hierarehy Process to calculate the weight of indicators. Third, we carry out a new viewpoint of prediction evaluation about Sustainable land use evaluation, and select a new method of ANN to predict the amount of indicators. Fourth, at calculating the last amount, we select different method for different layer to assay the reason and solve question. Fifth, we select a county as an example to know if this system is useful.All in all, this paper makes up a new and successful system of Sustainable land use evaluation, so it makes up for the insufficiency about the research of Sustainable land use evaluation. But, Sustainable land use evaluation is an important issue, and the research about it is on the step of developing. So we should do more about the method of evaluation and others.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sustainable land use, evaluation, indicator, predict, ANN
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