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Iron And Steel Design Institute Core Competitiveness Study

Posted on:2005-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125452975Subject:Business Administration
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The Core Competence is the source for an enterprise to obtain the sustained advantage in competition and the hotspot to research by multiple disciplines as the management of enterprise. It has very important theoretical and practical significances to research the Core Competence of an iron and steel engineering institute. And it is also much helpful and guiding to the Writer in his daily work and career development.Based on both abroad and domestic achievements of the enterprise core competence, the Article has established an analytical and appraisal system of the core competence of intellectual advantage, with exactly grasping the conception and connotation of the core competence of the iron and steel engineering institute and in the consideration of many factors as analysis of professional and market competition, value chain and intelligence, as well as the enterprise strategy, to be applied in the identification, making up. analysis, appreciation and development of the Core Competence of Baotou Engineering & Research Corp. of Iron & Steel Industry (BERIS). So an ideal core competence of BERIS is being identified and made up effectively and the index system is being established to analyze and appreciate the core competence of BERIS systematically and in every respect, so as to know the current core competence of BERIS and find out its inadequacy. On this base, the Article offers an explanation on the method, ways and content to develop the core competence of BERIS and also gives a more detailed discussion on the key points how to cultivate the core competence of BERIS.Now, the core competence theory is in the rapid development and the research on the core competence is of more comprehension and complexity, there is no universal research system formed. The Article offers a method to identify, make up, appreciate and develop the core competence of an enterprise, which can be applied in the research of the core competence of a specific enterprise. It blazes new trials for the theoretical research and practical application of the core competence.
Keywords/Search Tags:Core Competence. Iron & Steel Engineering Institute, Identification of the Core Competence, Cultivation of the Core Competence, Learning Organization
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