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Construction Of A New Research Specialty Colleges

Posted on:2014-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330401966716Subject:Higher Education
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Building characteristic majors is the key point when newly-founded colleges pursuing transformation in their development and trying to establish their own style. By using SWOT Analysis, the article discussed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of newly-founded colleges when they constructing characteristic majors. These colleges have three strengths——"clear understandings and liberal thoughts","adapted to the market demands and flexible in adjustment","students’ reasonable orientations and purposes", but at the same time, there exists three weaknesses,"unreasonable in major setting and pursuing for grandiose projects and fashions","defective structure of teachers and lack of the ability to attract excellent teachers" and "shortage in funds and supports". Newly-founded colleges get the opportunities of "more attentions from governments","needs of talents from regional economy" and " the national outstanding engineers training project", while they have to face the following threats,"challenges from vocational colleges and universities","imperfect of examination and approval evaluation system of characteristic majors" and "problems in the cooperation with enterprises".Base on the analysis results, and then chose N college as a case to study in order to deepen this research. N college also faced with these problems like other newly-founded colleges mentioned above. But the achievements of N college make it a typical case and the research meaningful. We discussed the idea in major construction of N college and analyzed the processes of building two "national characteristic major", the article found N college has four difference, that is, basing on the advantages of the college and needs of the regional economic; building guarantee system of teaching and studying; deepening the cooperation between colleges and enterprises; creating a new mode——"industrial college". The secondary college, A College, is the biggest breakthrough of N college. But at the same time, some problems exist in N college. How to make the college, the government, and enterprises really cooperate? How to make sure that guarantee system works well? How to get more funding to support the development?After the SWOT Analysis and case study, there are four experiences can be popularized:adjusting the major structure and ascertaining the characteristics; strengthening the construction of teachers’team; paying attention to the education quality; cooperating further with enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:newly-founded colleges, construction of characteristic majors, SWOTAnalysis, case study
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