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Research On The Construction Of Internal Guarantee System For Full-time Professional Degree Graduate Education Quality

Posted on:2019-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330545979919Subject:Higher Education
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Over the past 30 years since the implementation of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Degrees,China's professional postgraduate education has experienced a development process from nothing to something and from small to large.With the rapid development of China's economy and society,the country places more emphasis on the demand for applied talents in terms of talent needs.As a result,professional degree types which are aiming to cultivate “high-quality,practical,and applied” talents continue to be recognized by the community.In 2009,the Ministry of Education promulgated the Opinions on the training of full-time postgraduate students in master degree(Teaching Research [2009]1)and subsequently approved a number of professional degree authorization spots,which greatly improved the ability of cultivating professional degree graduates in China,and the number of enrolled students has also been increasing.With the expansion of the scale of education,the quality assurance of full-time professional degree graduate education has become the focus of attention.As the main body of running schools,how to strengthen the construction of its internal quality guarantee system is the key to the construction of the higher degree.This study takes two universities in Liaoning province as examples,using interviews and questionnaires to investigate students' satisfaction.From the perspective of students,we look for deficiencies in the internal quality guarantee of full-time professional postgraduate degree education and based on the comprehensive quality management theory,from the students in training process.In the aspect of low satisfaction,from the angle of "input-process-output",this study reveals the experience and deficiency in the management process of full-time professional degree graduate education,and puts forward countermeasures and suggestions.This study is divided into five chapters.The first chapter is the introduction,which introduces the reasons for the topic,the purpose and significance of the research,the definition of related concepts,the literature review,the main research contents,the research methods and the technical line are introduced.The second chapter discusses the relationship between the total quality management theory and the professional quality of graduate education.The third chapter is the survey of the internal guarantee status of full-time professional degree graduate education quality.Taking the professional degree of F University and Y University in our province as the research object,the present situation and shortcomings of the quality management of full-time professional degree graduate education are inferred through the inquiry into the internal management system framework of the full-time professional degree postgraduate education quality in two schools and the questionnaire survey of student satisfaction.The fourth chapter analyzes the internal influencing factors of full-time professional degree graduate education quality.The fifth chapter puts forward countermeasures and suggestions for the construction of the internal guarantee system of full-time full-time professional degree graduate education quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Professional Degree, Education Quality, Internal Assurance
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