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Construction And Empirical Study On The Effect Evaluation System Of Sunshine Sports Activities In Yunnan Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2015-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330452952052Subject:Sports teaching
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The appraisal for the effectiveness of Sunny Sports is an important part to carryout this activity, a summative evaluation for the achievement of Sunny Sportsdevelopment, also an examination for the quality and result of the activity. Building ascientific and sensible system of Sunny Sports effectiveness assessment can evaluatethe situation that students participate extracurricular exercise objectively, fairly andtake the system’s functions in terms of guidance, inspiration, harmony, managementfully. Based on the present situation of Sunny Sports in colleges and universities ofYunnan Province, research relevant information by literature review as a foundationof paper typing. It takes Delphi method to collect two-round effect index of SunnySports for a group of selected specialists in order to define the system of SunnySports effectiveness assessment in Yunnan Province; combining thethree-stratum-indicator system with expert evaluation for the essence of the indexsystem, calculate the corresponding weight coefficient of each level indicatorsrespectively with the matrix operation of analytic hierarchy process method; thenaccording to fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method in fuzzy mathematics establishevaluation factor set, decision set, and work out the final grade by composting indexevaluations; it’s that school’s Sunny Sports effectiveness total score corresponding thecalculation of the final grade to evaluation set.To put the evaluation system established during research into practice, thispaper selects Kunming University of Science and Technology and Kunming MedicalUniversity as case studies, evaluates them with interview, field trips, questionnairesand other forms combining based on the present situation of these two universities;Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to judge the two universities to implementphysical activity level of sunlight passing grade and fail, reflecting the Sunny Sportsin this paper to build sports evaluation system can proceed from the specificimplementation status of college sports in the Sunny Sports, gives a scientific andobjective the evaluation results,to provide a reference point for launch sportingactivities outside class better to spread the concept of Sunny Sports.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sunny Sports, effectiveness, evaluation system, fuzzy evaluation
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