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A Study On The Comprehensive Quality Evaluation Of Pupils

Posted on:2016-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330461484620Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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It is very important to cultivate students’ healthy personality during primary school;in 2002, the ministry of education issued "the notice on promoting the reform of assessment and examination system in primary and secondary schools", it summarized " comprehensive quality " target as two aspects: " basic development goals" and " discipline study goals ". Among them, the " basic development goals " divided into six aspects: moral character;citizen accomplishment; learning ability;communication and cooperation; sport and health; enthetic and performance. This is the principle provisions of our students’ comprehensive quality evaluation dimensions.According to the six dimensions, we build the evaluation system of elementary students’ comprehensive quality and apply it into practice.Based on J primary school, we establish comprehensive quality evaluation standard, and put them into practice, it aims to diagnose the problems that existing in the students’ comprehensive quality, and find effective ways to solve them. After the practice, the process evaluation statistics makes conclusions as follows:First, we formulate the evaluation standard by developing target evaluation and its method.Second, according to the standard, we have selected "etiquette star", "wisdom star", "energy star", "talent star".It has certain scientific nature and reliability.Third, according to the results of data analysis, Grade one,Grade three, Grade four, Grade five,has three, seven, ten, nine indicators of average score higher than that of the whole school,it suggests that as the grade rises,the students’ comprehensive quality will be improved gradually; In "love school", "hygiene", "instrument correctly" aspects,the school score higher on average,it suggests that students did better in these aspects; With the increase of grade, "practice ability", "health standard", "hygiene" indicators score is on the rise, it suggests that school promote the cultivation of the students’ practical ability step by step, and has got good results.Fourth, from the comparative analysis on the average score, Grade two get the lower scores and below that of school, so it needs to strengthen the education of them;The total score of Grade four has the highest average score, as a result,it needs to strengthen the education of the higher grades.Fifth, from the rate of progress, primary index is "talent star", "etiquette star", "energy star" and "wisdom star"; "Specialty", "practical ability" and "community" indicators, that is "talent star",which progress rate is bigger, it shows that the school gradually promote the cultivation of student’s in this aspect.The progress rate of "wisdom star" is negative, the secondary indicators that contains "classroom", "homework", progress rate is also negative,it shows that with the increase of grade,the school relax the requirements for students, it reminds the school to reflect.Finally, carry out the practice of assessment, it confirms that the evaluation standard is scientific and effective.The research on students’ comprehensive quality evaluation, both from local and overall, has reached the expected aim.
Keywords/Search Tags:Primary school students, Student comprehensive quality, Evaluation criterion, Evaluation of practice
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