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A Study On The Influence Of Population Age Structure Change On Economic Growth

Posted on:2015-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330467466415Subject:National Economics
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A region’s long term development is constrained by the age of population age in a certain point, which is also the basis of population development in this area. Future more, it impacts human resources、area development and economic growth directly. The influence of changes in the age structure of the population is multifaceted, multi-level, and multi-dimensional, including both the impact of the social implications, but also economic aspects; includes both the macro level, such as savings, consumption, investment, the current account balance, also includes micro-level family structure changes, the impact of child support, geriatric support.Currently, Xi’an is in deepening reform and opening up, accelerate the transformation of economic development to overcome difficulties critical period, if current demographic development there is a structural contradiction in Xi’an, the population demographic dividend gradually become liabilities, these problems will directly affect healthy sustainable economic and social development, has the potential to become the unfavorable factors of Xi’an city become in the international metropolis.Taking Xi’an as the background, the first course of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province to tease out the population development, the development of changes in the age structure of the population trends in Xi’an, a general description of the characteristics and analysis. Second in Xi’an previous national census data for data support, Three from the labor supply, the level of household savings, the demographic dividend and other elaborate theoretical analysis of the way the impact on economic growth, and then analyzed by quantitative analysis of labor supply, the impact of household savings rate of Xi’an economic growth.Finally, some suggestions on how to improve the population age structure to promote economic growth policy in Xi’an city is been puts forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Population Age Structure, Demographic Dividend, Economic growth
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