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A Research Of County Vocational Education Center Students Dilemma

Posted on:2014-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Source of students is the most issue with the development and survival of a school, county vocational education center is the same. In recent years, many county vocational education center enrollment into a predicament because of a drop in the birth rate in China and a corresponding decrease of graduating students. This paper studies the status quo of a county vocational education center of Northeast Mountains, county vocational education center admissions problem of the status quo and explores the causes of the problems in the development process of China’s county vocational education center from the microscopic point of view and combines with the plight to give corresponding recommendations.Part one describes the theory and research status quo. It defines vocational education, county vocational education center, school size, admissions and other related concepts and introduces rural vocational education policy and research progress, country vocational education center functions, constraints, coping strategies and new students’predicament overview.Part two studies vocational educations center the enrollment status quo. Describes the research the T County vocational education center students basic situations, research statistics, the main problems of China is the reality of most vocational education center, such as students of the insufficient number of students serious drain system, students landslide quality performance, and analysis of the adverse effects of the development of the schools on the plight of vocational education center students and students a small number of difficult to cause the government attaches importance to students caused by the loss and waste of resources.Part three studies the study of the causes of the plight of vocational education center students. First of all, from a social point to analyze the reasons for the reduction of students, including the existence of social prejudices, the students go to school the opportunity cost increase. Secondly, from the angle of the vocational education center school, study the trend of the overall development of vocational education centers, as well as the main problems. Finally, from the point of view of the students themselves, focused on students from admission to graduation stages of development of the school’s own evaluation of the impact of vocational education students.Part four studies strategy research vocational education center to get rid of biogenic predicament. vocational education center How fast sustained and healthy development rid of biogenic predicament strategy, First, the government should create a fair, orderly and vocational development policy environment, the healthy development of the market guide vocational education enrollment; Second, to speed up the county secondary vocational education reform, enhance the credibility of the County Vocational Education Center School. Finally, attach great importance to the work of career guidance, broaden employment channels.Been research-based County Vocational Education Center Enrollment of discussions, interviews, field surveys, questionnaires, data access, etc., to take a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the County Vocational Education Center Situation and Sources; through case analysis on County Vocational Education Center to produce biogenic plight of objective and subjective reasons, and proposed the corresponding countermeasures designed to make vocational education centers to get rid of the plight of the development, protect the healthy and sustainable development of rural vocational education.
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