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Junior High School Teachers In The Development Strategy Of The Scientific Quality Of Research

Posted on:2007-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The implementation education for all-around development key is teacher'squality, the teacher is the specialist which fulfills the education teaching responsibility,the teacher quality does not raise, the education teaching quality is unable toguarantee. Promotes teacher's development, improved teacher's specialized qualityalready to become in the modern education domain a hot topic, receives the variouscountries the universal attention. Along with the education theory unceasing renewal,the education reform continuation is thorough, the society set a deeper request to theteacher quality, but no longer limits merely to the teacher school record rise. Themodern elementary education summon new junior middle school teachers, need thejunior middle school teachers to have under the science education idea instruction theeducation research ability. The education scientific research is the contemporarysociety development the new request which brought up to the teacher, is the legal lawsand regulations entrusts with teacher's work responsibility. The education scientificresearch is the junior middle school teacher's duty and the right, also is the juniormiddle school teacher main body development effective way. Teacher's vitality comesfrom the education scientific research. Teacher's future and the future teacher, all withthe education scientific research will relate in together. The good scientific researchquality is the general teachers conducts the education scientific research, theexploration education teaching rule, big area rise education teaching quality importantsafeguard;Is adapts the new turn of elementary education curriculum to reform and topromote the teacher specialization need to develop. The scientific research qualityalready became the modern teacher quality the important content. We are preciselydevelop under such background to the junior middle school teacher scientific researchquality research.The paper altogether divides five parts:The first part is a foreword, mainly includes the question to bring up, theliterature summarizes, the research mentality and the research technique, the researchsignificance. To improved the junior middle school teacher scientific research qualitythe necessity and the feasibility has carried on the brief analysis: Improves the juniormiddle school teacher scientific research quality is the need which the elementaryeducation curriculum reforms;Is improves the education teaching quality the need;Isthe school need to develop. The teacher educated the theory the development for toimprove the junior middle school teacher's scientific research quality to lay therationale;The current education teaching reform activity for improved the juniormiddle school teacher scientific research quality to provide the practice foundation. Inthe article aimed at the junior middle school school school to be difficult specially aswell as the junior middle school teacher's confused role localization question hasmade a more thorough analysis. Thus powerfully explained this research necessityand Actual effect.The second part is the scientific research quality core connotation. Must wantfully to study the junior middle school teacher's scientific research qualitydevelopment strategy question, must discriminate several related concepts first,namely research, scientific research and teaching;Teacher's education scientificresearch and education specialized researcher's education scientific research;Coreconnotation: Quality, teacher quality, scientific research quality. Then can in thisfoundation, according to the junior middle school teacher scientific research qualitypresent situation, bring up effectively improves the junior middle school teacherscientific research quality the development strategy.The third part has carried on the preliminary analysis and the limits to teacher'sscientific research quality structure, thought teacher's scientific research qualityshould include four aspects: 1st, scientific research consciousness;2nd, scientificresearch manner;3rd, scientific research knowledge;4th, scientific research ability.The fourth part is the junior middle school teacher scientific research qualitypresent situation analysis. In the research process, through the consult massiveliterature material and the collection massive research data, discovered the juniormiddle school teacher's scientific research quality has many joyful aspects, but alsohas very many insufficiencies: 1st, scientific research consciousness is light;2nd, theeducation scientific research basic theory knowledge is weak;3rd, the educationscientific research ability is short of;4th, scientific research achievement quantity andquality not higher. The paper has further discussed the junior middle school teacherscientific research quality low reason, like in front of the teacher duty in the raise andthe on-the-job training has not educated the scientific research aspect nearly thecontent, the school teaching duty heavy, the scientific research condition misses,manages the system and the movement mechanism reason, the information isunenlightened and so on.The fifth part brought up the junior middle school teacher scientific researchquality development strategy. In in the above four partial research foundation, unifiesthe data result analysis and own development scientific research experience, broughtup the stimulation interest, passes knows training, lamination training, participationtype training, the real duty and fans out from point to area and so on six developmentjunior middle schools teacher scientific research quality strategy, hoped can to raisethe junior middle school teacher's scientific research quality practice process to playto effectively instructs the role.Moreover, but also some many aspects: Like in front of the teacher duty raisequestion, the scientific research quality sustainable development question as well ashow does the big area raise teacher scientific research quality question and so on, allwill wait for us makes the further discussion from now on.
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