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The Formation And Governance Of Symbolic Risk Under The Internet Background

Posted on:2016-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Due to the increasingly innovation of the electronic science, the internet has spreadextensively throughout the world. As a result, the internet-based electronic virtual currencyoccurs, and gradually develops to be a popular means of exchange. It shows that currency hasalready become the symbol representation of value, and it develops towards high virtualizationand symbolization. As the product of modern science and technology, the electronic virtualcurrency indeed brings convenience to the transaction and offers a new mode for theestablishment of trust on strangers, but it is confronted by many problems due to the lack ofinternal value. The symbolization and virtualization of electronic virtual currency increase theuncertainty and risk in the transaction. Especially in the separation of time and space, althoughthe token money can urge the interaction and intercourse when the social members are absent,such intercourse and interaction may usually give rise to the social impact that cannot becontrolled directly, and may finally give rise to wider range of risks. Meanwhile, the electronicvirtual currency may be influenced by the interaction of such factors as the technical factors,institutional factors, social cognition, etc. easily, and it still develops unstably. At present, thereare still many disputes about its existence and development.The Bitcoin became popular in2013after five-year hardship since its occurrence in2008,and it started to attract people’s attention. But countries all over the word show different attitudesto the emerging thing. Bitcoin declared itself as the new electronic currency produced based onthe internet, and its design concept is the de-centration, namely no central bank. Everyone canparticipate in the issuance of Bitcoin, and the total circulation will be constant. Meanwhile, it ischaracterized by the anonymity and safety. More specifically, Bitcoin is the carrier of data codein the information technology, and it is a design of currency with high symbolization. Theoriginal design intention of Bitcoin was to cope with the inflation, however, with thedevelopment and operation in practical transaction, some people started to take advantage of theanonymity and untraceability of Bitcoin as the tool of speculation and even money laundry. The money encirclement of the Bitcoin transaction platform occurs frequently in real life. Currently,many countries have proposed strict restrictions on the application of Bitcoin. Although it has abloom development prospect, its design concept, risks and problems confronted in thedevelopment process are still worth further research, and it can be the significant reference forthe analysis of the formation and governance countermeasures of symbol risk.Consequently, in this paper, literatures concerning the currency theory and risk societytheory are sorted out and summarized. Secondly, with Bitcoin as the research object, foranalyzing the production background, development status and evolution difficulty. Thirdly, risksthat may be caused by the token currency in the network background are analyzed. Finally,discussed the corresponding countermeasures for symbolic risks in the Internet background.
Keywords/Search Tags:Risk Society, Bitcoin, Virtualization, Symbolization, Risk
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