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Survey Of Haidong Prefecture In Qinghai Province Secondary School Teacher Education Research Quality And Improve Strategy

Posted on:2011-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360305496588Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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It is a major trend to focusing on teachers' educational researching quality for the development of the universal teachers' education. Middle school teachers' educational researching quality is a part of teachers' professional quality which is required by teachers' professional development. It is the need of new basic educational curriculum reform as well as the development of society. The educational researching activities are not only the responsibility of middle school teachers, but also an effective way for them to find the career happiness. Then, how to improve the Middle school teachers' educational researching quality is the problem that is resolved.This research adopts the methodology of literature reviewing, empirical interviews, self-designed questionnaires. Which is given out to two hundred middle school teachers in Haidong, Qinghai. Meanwhile, we have interviewed some governors in the education administrative departments, some middle school headmasters and many teachers. From the investigations, we have got a relatively comprehensive and objective understanding of the status of middle school teachers' educational researching quality in Haidong, which can be a recommendation to improve the educational researching quality of middle school teachers there.The results of the investigating and analyzing are as follows. Firstly, middle school teachers'eductional researching awareness is relatively strong but their actions lag far behind. Secondly, middle school teachers' teaching tasks are heavy, especially the teachers in Haidong. Thirdly, middle school teachers' educational researching knowledge is inadequate. Fourthly, schools do not pay attention to educational researches and the managing institutions are not perfect. Fifthly, the guidance to researches in schools is not perfect which cannot provide the necessary information. Last, the researching funds given by the local education administrative departments are obviously inadequate and the evaluations focus more on the results rather than the process.At last, this paper has given some countermeasures and suggestions aiming at the status. The teachers should strengthen their educational researching knowledge and ability to effectively participate in the researches; schools leaders should change their minds, paying attention to the educational researches, increasing the incentives, establishing scientific managing system and a clear guidance; local administrative departments should organize the educational researching trainings, increase the researching funds and so on.The study acquired some new understanding in the following areas through the issue of this research:1.The key to the success of the new curriculum reform is teachers, but Middle school teachers' educational researching quality that is a part of teachers' professional quality Direct impact on the success of the new curriculum, to promote and facilitate the new curriculum reform will play a vital role 2. This papers reach a conclusion thorough the research:the quality of the Middle school teachers include:awareness of the education research, knowledge of the education research, ability of the education research and spirit of the education research.3. The author proposes:the backward education needs the education research to promote and development in Haidong, Qinghai. In order to improve the quality of education, the meddle school must depend on scientific research. But, in order to improve the Middle school teachers' educational researching quality, the local education administrative department, the school management and the individual must go hand in hand.This paper is divided into five chapters. Chapter one is the introduction which introduces the research background, significance, related studies at home and abroad and the methodology. Chapter two is a literature review of related conceptions of middle school teachers' educational researching, which mainly introduces the connotation of educational researching and middle school teachers' educational researching, the orientation, characteristics and development analysis of middle school teachers' educational researching, as well as the definitions and constitutions of middle school teachers' educational researching quality. Chapter three is the results and analysis. The survey results are summarized from the seven major dimensions of the questionnaire, and three factors affecting teachers' educational researching quality are obtained. They are the individual factor, the school management factor and local education administrative department factor. Chapter four is the countermeasures and suggestions. The countermeasures and suggestions are put forward according to the reasons analysis, so they are for the teachers, the schools and local education administrative departments. Chapter five is the final conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:middle school teachers, educational researching quality, researching awareness, researching ability, researching spirit
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