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College Students' Physical Exercise, Optimistic Personality And Subjective Well-Being Of Relations

Posted on:2012-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330338457045Subject:Humanities and sociology
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The college students as the Chinese social culture higher cultural group, has been regarded as the most active, most health one of the groups. Physical exercise is an important modern university campus life, to improve the way of activity students' physical and psychological health level of important role. Previous research focuses on discuss physical exercise on the negative influence of psychological phenomenon, this study will from the positive psychology, discusses physical exercise and college students optimistic personality, subjective well-being, the relationships between students' physical exercise to make students as the base, the physical exercise and mental health get better development.Choose the physical exercise questionnaire ", "general well-being scale", "optimistic personality tendency questionnaire" of zhengzhou four university (zhengzhou university, zhengzhou university sports institute, henan financial institute, henan agricultural university) school 500 questionnaires sophomore. Data by using SPSS16.0 system software independent sample t-test, single factor analysis of variance, correlation analysis, the results showed:(1) the condition for college students to participate in physical exercise is good, standard sports population of 30 percent, the boy, rural students, the only-child children, science students to participate in the situation is better. The boy like to attend confrontational, flexibility and competitive intense activity, girls are more likely to interest, fashionable fitness sports; And my classmates college students participate in sports exercise become the main form of taking part in physical exercise; College students to participate in sports training motivation is as follows:vti, Bonny lose weight, improve communication, feel inadequate, entertainment and sports psychological debugging. Sports facilities deficiency, academic task ChongWu time is the effect of the main influence factors to participate in sports. (2) college students optimistic personality existence, whether from only-child sports population differences, whether should focus on from the countryside, the only-child children, college.3.there population(3) different sex, whether they are the only undergraduate subjective well-being energy factor exist significant differences, college students in different source on tension and relaxation factor there exist significant differences.(4) physical exercise on the college students' optimistic personality, subjective well-being have a positive impact.
Keywords/Search Tags:College students, Physical exercise, Optimistic personality, Subjective well-being, Sports population
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