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Evaluation Of Large Ships’ Routeing System In The Eastern Waters Of Chengshanjiao

Posted on:2013-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330371972716Subject:Traffic Information Engineering & Control
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Chengshanjiao as the main sea channel connecting the north and the south has become one of the busiest shipping areas. At present time Chengshanjiao has implemented ship’s routeing system and ship reporting system, which have brought dramatic improvement in navigation safety within the waters. However, due to the complication of ship routes leading to traffic disorder, maritime accidents related with large vessels in the eastern waters still occur from time to time. Therefore, in order to improve the navigation safety in the eastern waters, it is inevitable and indispensible to evaluate scientifically the navigation risk factors within the waters and put forward certain practical safety countermeasures in response to the ship’s routeing system thereby.To enhance vessel traffic management is an important way to improve vessel navigation efficiency and reduce traffic accidents so as to ensure safe navigation. Years of sailing practice testify to the fact that ship’s routeing system is an effective approach to set up a safe and unimpeded water environment and manage overwater traffic order. And a scientific and feasible design of this scheme is a fundamental guarantee to fulfill its function. Therefore, faced with the complex nature and traffic environment in the eastern waters of Chengshanjiao, it is of great practical significance to carry out an evaluation research on the routeing system plans related with large vessles.This paper, based on the overall routeing planning nationwide for coastal ships, has made an investigation into the theoretical basis and practical application of ship’s routeing system and mastered both qualitative and quantitative methods in evaluating traffic environment through various means including literature reading, fieldwork and expert consultation. By collecting data about the traffic accidents in the Chengshanjiao eastern waters and making an analysis of the navigational environment as well as the traffic flow, the author tries to find out the factors that affect vessel traffic safety, study the characteristics and the causes of the accidents, and define the route intersections and routeing rules.Besides, by means of questionnaires, the key factors as regards safety, efficiency and standardization which shall be taken into consideration when designing large vessels’routeting system are obtained from different perspectives including users, managers and designers of the large vessels’routeting system, laying a practical basis for the evaluation of different schemes and the selection of the final optimal one. On this basis, the author then makes a scientific evaluation of the four Alternative schemes for large vessels’routeing system in the eastern waters of Chengshanjiao with the application of integrated assessment, simulation of traffic flow, evaluation of Environmental Stress Model (ES Model),TOPSIS and other related theories so as to select the optimal scheme, which will contribute to the final decision-making and further provide a firmer protection for safe navigation within the waters.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ships’Routeing, Questionnaire, Environmental Stress Model, TrafficFlow Simulation, Topsis Assessment and Optimal Scheme
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