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The Research Of Accountability Development Path In China

Posted on:2013-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330371968049Subject:Administrative Management
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"The SARS Event" appearance causes "accountability storm" in China, which makes accountability a hot topic in the domestic academic area. As the core institution of the responsible government, the establishment and development of accountability is not only the urgent demand of democratic politics, but also is an important path to realize the government effective management. However, our country current accountability practice doesn’t reappear the essence of accountability system very well, moreover, it also doesn’t connect well with foreign advanced theory. Therefore, it is an important task to research accountability closely and reveal its institution essence.It can be seen that our country accountability presents the feature of "top-down" within system from the form of accountability regulations and accountability practice. According to the trend of contemporary accountability system and the main view of contemporary accountability theory, the construction of accountability system in our country is sill at the initial stage, moreover, hierarchical accountability performs better than professional accountability and political accountability, and legal accountability is the weakest of them in our country. With the new development of accountability theory and the experiences of foreign accountability, the possible path of accountability system in the future should strengthen legal accountability, especially consolidating the function of the National People’s Congress through deliberating the government annual work report and the government budget, as well as strengthen political accountability through guiding the network accountability and cultivating civil society, what’s more, it should improve the government information publicity system and official return system which are closely related to accountability system, then form a new accountability culture to promote government accountability better.
Keywords/Search Tags:accountability, accountability system, the responsible government
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