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The Study On The Allogeneic Accountability Mechanism Of Local Government In China

Posted on:2016-06-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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It is the basic idea and the common practice of government reform in the world that power comes with responsibility,the use of power comes with responsibility supervision,and infringement will be investigated for accountability.Accountability is an important means of restricting government administrative acts in the modem states,and it is also an important way of building a responsible government,government by law,democratic government,service oriented government.the"accountability storm" launched by SARS in 2003 opened the Chinese administrative accountability practice,later the administrative accountability were fully implemented in the country.But the current implementation of the administrative accountability system in China is mostly limited to the top-down consubstantial accountability within the government system,it is absence of allogeneic accountability outside the government system which initiated by the power organs,judicial organs,political parties,the news media,citizens and social organizations.It greatly effects the seriousness.effectiveness and credibility of accountability.Therefore,construction of multi allogeneic accountability mechanism is urgent,it is the inevitable requirement of building a responsible government,realizing the administration according to law and ruling the country by law,it is an important measure to improve local governance.Allogeneic accountability has a profound theoretical origin.Early in ancient Greece,western thinkers have explored how to prevent the abuse of power.After the development of modern democratic politics,the western countries have developed many theories of democracy,such as the theory of responsible government,the theory of government rule of law,the people's sovereignty theory,the theory of power restricting power,the theory of social contract,administrative ethics,etc.The core of these theories and ideas,is to carry out democratic control and supervision of the government's administrative power,prompt the government to be responsible to the people,and consciously accept political responsibility,administrative responsibility,legal responsibility,moral responsibility,etc.Undoubtedly,these theories has an important impact and laid a solid theoretical foundation for the construction of allogeneic accountability mechanism in our country.In the process of implementation of the accountability system in our country,allogeneic accountability exists some implementation difficulties,because the power of the people's Congress is not strong,the legal system is not perfect,the ruling party inspection function is insufficient,the news media strength is weak,the accountability culture is lack,the channels of citizen participation is narrow.According to the actual conditions of China's current political system reform and China's national conditions,we should start from the system construction,analyse the comparative advantage between allogeneic accountability and consubstantial accountability,adapt the outstanding achievements to control the government power from the western developed countries and our country ancient times,synthesize the main body of allogeneic accountability strength,such as national people's Congress,judicial organs,political parties,the media,civil society organizations,strengthen the accountability of the organ of power,the judicial organs,the ruling party,the democratic parties,the media,citizen and social organization,establish and perfect the audit accountability,implement the performance accountability,construct the local government multi allogeneic accountability mechanism with the responsibility of the government oriented and with Chinese characteristics,in order to resolve the implementation plight of allogeneic accountability.In order to improve the effectiveness of the allogeneic accountability,we will explore the matching reform measures,enhance the the pertinence and operability of allogeneic accountability.We should strengthen the moral construction of the government officials,enhance awareness of self-discipline,improve morals and the cultivation of Party spirit of the government officials.We should build a culture of accountability,strengthen the administrative responsibility consciousness of the government officials,create a good social atmosphere and the political ecology.We should expand public information,protect the citizen's right to know,build a transparent government,realize the sunlight administration.We should establish and improve the accountability procedures,realize the standardization,legalization and high efficiency of administrative accountability.We should establish the return mechanism of the accountable officials,standardize the comeback behaviors of the accountable officials,enhance the government's credibility and the impartiality of the accountability.With the advance of "Four Comprehensives",Constantly improving the local government multi allogeneic accountability mechanism,relizing allogeneic accountability's scientific,institutionalization,democratization,will help to enhance the accountable officials' responsibility consciousness,service consciousness and the Aim Consciousness of the Party,promote the government scientific ruling,democratic ruling and ruling by law,improve local government's governance ability,administrative efficiency,and credibility,build a "efficient","active","service","legal" model government,realize modernization of the national governance system and management ability.
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