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Citizen Participation Of Chinese Rural Resident Structure And Measurement

Posted on:2013-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J GuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374492963Subject:Applied Psychology
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Community psychology is an emerging area since the mid-1960s in the United States,which is formed by the intersection of clinical psychology and social psychology. As a core concept of Community Psychology, Citizen participation should be paid positive attention and concern. Although this topic has already developed into a muture system in foreign countries, we didn’t do much research in citizen participation yet in China, especially in rural areas, and scales about citizen participation is still a blank field.This research believes that feature of citizen participation in rural aeras has great difference from which in urben areas, because the people from distinct places possess unequel background. Rural residents take activities in administrative villages and mostly engaged in agricultural production, their understandings and views of the world is limited by the environment. As we all know that many villages are in the process of promoting urbanization, but the overall level of cognitive and openness of rural residents can not be changed in the short term, which leads to a significant characteristic in rural communities.The operational definition of citizen participation in rural areas in this research is: compulsory social behavior of rural community residents who participate positively in public affairs which evoke their cognitive and affaction. This concept contains three factors which are logically related, namely democratic decision-making participation, neighborhood support participation and public service participation.Citizen Participation Scale of Chinese Rural Resident which I established based on the three dimensions which are mentioned above has18items, including5items of democratic decision-making participation,6items of public service participation and7items of neighborhood support participation. After being tested in terms of reliability and validity, the main indexes of reliability and validity have met the psychometric requirements. The results shows that the internal consistency reliablity is0.846, each subscale’s internal consistency reliability is between0.724and0.793; Half-split reliability is0.746, each subscales’s Half-split reliability is between0.648and0.744. What’more, I chose35subjects from the group who participated in formal measurement to take the test again two weeks later, Two-week-test-retest reliability is0.725.This research has set up the Norm Standard within a certain scope.The T score were used,with the mean score being50,and the standard deviation being10.The scores above60were considered high and low of below40.The typical features of discretion groups are described.This research discusses the current situation and influencing of821rural resident with the help of CPSCR.The results show the score of scale and subscale is above the middle level.From the perspective of the scale, the choice tendency is "basic agreed".CP of city residents has significant difference on variables of age,education, length of residency, through no significant gender and belief difference is found.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural resident, citizen participation, democraticdecision-making participation, neighborhood support participation, public serviceparticipation, scale, norm, factors
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