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Administrative Service Public Satisfaction Research

Posted on:2013-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395979302Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the rapid development of information technology and the transformation of government functions, the construction of Government Administrative Service Center has been vigorous developed. The establishment of this center is aimed to be convenient, efficient, with clean hands and standardize. It is a mixture of collection of information and advice, approval and charges, management and coordination of complaints and supervision, which gives window-type services to public. The original intention of the establishment of this center is to serve people, therefore, the feedback from public is the most convincing things to tell whether it is good or not. An assessment of the local government administrative services which is introduced in this article includes the customer satisfaction degree. It is with great meaning when assessing and improving the construction of the service center from public’s point of views.Firstly, the article introduces the necessity and feasibility of public satisfaction of the administrative service, explored the status of domestic and international Customer Satisfaction Index, and selects Structural Equation Model as the research method after comparing the Customers Satisfaction Index Measurement Method and the research of the satisfaction features about the administrative services.Secondly, bases on the exploration of administrative services theoretical basis and functional mechanisms, the article gives a detailed analysis of the impact factors of the public satisfaction. Through the functional analysis of the Classic Customer Satisfaction Models both at home and abroad and the Customers Satisfaction Index of U.S. public sector, it explores common characteristics of the structural relationship, variable selection and statistical methods of these five models, selects public expectations, perceived quality, public satisfaction, public confidence and public complain as a potential variable, and then establishes the administrative service satisfaction index system and raises the hypothesis.Last but not least, takes the administrative service center of Jiangmen as an example, establishes the public satisfaction scale of administrative services. With the premise of reliability and validity examinations, it organizes the survey data and makes a descriptive statistical analysis. After that, assesses the data by using the Structural Equation Model, and verify the rationality of the satisfaction model. At the same time, it checks the correlation between each variable. According to the scales of administrative service satisfaction and importance degree, it objectively analyses the status of Jiangmen’s administrative service center and indicates its advantages and disadvantages so as to raise the solutions and suggestions for improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative Service Center, public satisfaction, StructuralEquation Model
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