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The Election Campaign In Luo Village

Posted on:2014-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Village election has been implemented for more than20years in Chinese rural society.With the deepening implementation of the electoral system, the majority of village elections have been in accordance with established procedures and policy enforcement, but the relevant laws and policies need improvements.Many scholars are concerned about the implementation of the electoral system and participation of voters while research on the election campaign in the process is less concerned.This author has deeply investigated Luo village.When the execution of the village committee elections is institutionalized and programmed, we find that political competition is increasingly important in the village politics.But campaigns in the vast rural China are not fully developed.Its healthy development is dependent on mechanism.Research on the campaign and the election mechanism is studied on the aspect of village elections, helping to better understand the deployment process of the village committee elections within the village.Along with the urbanization process,Luo village, which is the author’s hometown, has become an urban village from a suburb village. The general election is becoming more and more competitive in recent years. Cultural differences between rural towns in North-South and East-West of China are huge.These areas have been differently affected by urbanization since the reform and opening-up policy is enacted. Luo village is greatly influenced by the urbanization process, from a rural village to an urban one.The transformation has affected the village elections. The author takes the election of Luo village as a study case with the background of urbanization. The existing conditions of village election campaign mechanism in China is not fully developed. The internal mechanism,consequences and procedures of the election campaigns are to be examined.Not only is the elaboration of the villagers’ autonomy studied but also it can offer reference for the government’s agricultural policy.The author investigated her hometown Luo Village and noticed that resources from that village more or less increased, resulting in rigorous election campaigns among the elites.During the elections, political candidates resorted to varieties of resources to maximize the number of ballot tickets.Apart from economic, political and social capitals, winners in competition have to be the local people with the surname Luo.On account of serious election campaigns, the local of Luo Village distrust leaders of this village.The intervention of developers from outside temporarily balance different political interests.However, the purpose of developers is to accumulate the resources of Luo Village, even though it needs more observations in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:election of the village, campaigns, election mechanism
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