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The Research On Professional Counstructiong Of Newly Built Colleges Counselor

Posted on:2013-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330395469859Subject:Ideological and political education
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As the backbone of college students’ideological and political education, college counselors are regarded as the organizers, executants and supervisors engaged in educating, managing and providing service to college students in their ideological and political development. Counselors in the growth of college students bear the responsibility of a mentor and close friends, therefore, strengthen the counselor team building is very necessary. Building a professional counselor team can complete the task of undergraduate education, management, service. For Newly-built colleges, the school level, infrastructure, faculty, there are a lot less than the traditional institutions, therefore, faced with enormous challenges in personnel training. We must explore the building road occupation of new built colleges, according to the characteristics of newly built colleges.Based on the research of the relative policies and literatures, the paper make use of literature, case study, interviews and survey methods and so on. Combining Newly-built colleges’orientation, training objectives, faculty status quo, it find out the problems that exist in the construction of counselors and seeks to comply with the characteristics of the counselor professional road construction and achieve applied personnel training objectives.There are five chapters in the total paper:Chapter1is an introduction, including the background, significance, status, research methods and the Innovation.Chapter2is the study of the importance of the construction of the newly built colleges counselors, including the Characteristics of the newly built colleges, the primary contents, new requirements for the counselors.Chapter3is the present situation of the newly built colleges counselors, including the characteristics of the newly-built colleges, the evaluation of the managers, teachers, students, the counselors themselves to counselors. Chapter4is the problems that exist in the construction of counselors.Chapter5is the paths selection of counselor professional building, which includes the Counselor Professionalization building of Environment, Professionalization system and Counselor’s own direction in the light of Characteristics of newly-built colleges. At last the paper pointed out the objectives to be achieved for the professionalization of newly-built colleges counselors.
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