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Young Teachers' Specialties Growing Up In Newly-build Local Universities

Posted on:2007-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360182487734Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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In the process of the popularity of China's higher education, a number of newly built undergraduate colleges sprang up one after another, most of them lies in the key city of each prefecture. In order to improve their education quality and to enhance the gradation and standard of running the school, the key issue is to build teaching staff with high-quality and professionals. With the development of the college, the proportion of young teachers has risen so rapidly. It is extremely urgent to solve the problems of the young teachers' growing to maturity.This paper deals with the young teachers' growing to maturity in the newly built undergraduate colleges. It is based on the case of Hunan University of Science and Engineering (HUSE), and it combines the uses of on-the-spot investigation, survey and documentary research. It includes five parts:The first part is introduction. It sets forth the reasons, purpose and current study situation, content and methods of the research.The second part analyses difficulties that the newly built undergraduate colleges are facing;it also analyses the present situation of teaching staff in HUSE. It calls for the urgent need to develop the construction of teaching staff by comparing with other colleges within the province.The third part discusses the problems of the teaching staff in the process of growing to maturity. Through four sample cases, it points out that the problems are as the foliowings: too much pressure both from the work and the family, isolation role and anxiety, confusion between ideal and reality, lack of education theory and without independent right to develop, and so on.The forth part analyses the factors that are influencing the teaching staff's growing up. They mainly come from the individuals and the organizations.The fifth part puts forward the efficient strategies for the young teachers' growing up, such as stimulate young teachers' consciousness of playing the main part, building convenient environment for developing, attach importance to pre-occupation education and reform the assessment system. These measures will improve the growing up of the young teachers in varying degrees.
Keywords/Search Tags:regional newly built colleges, young teachers, grow to professional maturity
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