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The Implementation Of Commissioning Tool Based On Zigbee Smart Home

Posted on:2013-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F X YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371997603Subject:Software engineering
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ZigBee technology has a series of advantages,and these advantages make intellengent home industry widely use ZigBee technology. But as the Smart home industry development, the need to set up the ZigBee network also more and more huge and complex. How to avoid the shortcoming of ZigBee network Smart home system, let people can really enjoy the convenience of smart home furnishing and superiority, is a problem the Smart home industry need to solve.In order to solve these problems, this paper designs and implements a Commissionging Tool.The Commissioning Tool includes three parts:ZigBee network processor, ZigBee application processor and a user command processing module. ZigBee network processor comprises a radio frequency module, a built-in ZigBee protocol stack program. In this paper, the wireless communication module using CC2530system on chip,greatly simplifyed the circuit design. ZigBee application processor is used to add applications. This module is mainly transplanted form TI company application process, and add the windows serial port operation. The user command processing module is used to resolve the user commands, and sent to ZigBee network processor. Commands are easy to understand for users.This tool enables professionals, and ordinary users reasonable configuration and management of ZigBee Smart home system network, also make the advantage of ZigBee technology got better play.This paper designes Commissioning Tool for easy configuration and management ZigBee network, based on the ZigBee Smart home system. It does not require the user to grasp the complexity of ZigBee technology. The user can control end devices to join or not to join the network in install producer, and can manage the whole network effectively. This tool is usefull for ZigBee technology to better paly its advantages.
Keywords/Search Tags:ZigBee, Smart Home System, Commissioning Tool, Network Managemen
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