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On The Public Selection Of Leading Cadres Talent Assessment System

Posted on:2015-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431461684Subject:Administrative Management
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With the introduction of open selection system, leading cadres exam evaluation work gradually established standardized procedures and continuous improvement methods and techniques. To further implement the implementation of the reform of the personnel system of cadres, unswervingly adhere to the " exam based on the work " principle, to actively carry out the examination evaluation business guidance, but also continue to improve and refine the exam evaluation methods and techniques, but also to focus on strengthening team institution building. Continuous improvement of modern technology talent evaluation in the public selected applications, the key is to in theory, operations, methods technical innovation, while further strengthening the work program, the normative work standards, and further optimize the evaluation of content, innovative approaches to technology in order to promote the work of leading cadres overall assessment exams scientific and standardized.From the public election qualification evaluation work, written tests, interviews, organize visits several important aspects of starting, focuses on modern personnel evaluation in several aspects of the problems. Which are:the lack of qualification of targeted job classification and analysis; errors exist on the written test, interview techniques and evaluation elements docking; written test, interview techniques can not take into account the efficiency and fairness; psychological evaluation technical efficiency is high but the lack of development and application; formal investigation by the organization, do not pay attention to performance, the lack of extended tours.In view of the above problems, this paper before determining the qualification for the position classification and job analysis, construct the qualification system; to ensure that the test content is highly adapted to "exam based on the work" principle, to build a positive development of competency model, especially the examiner Quality Competency model. The cadre inspects to let "people", and actively carry out the tracking investigation; in order to solve the "highly educated, low age"," good test scores but no working capacity ","test specialist" phenomenon on the way for a bold idea.
Keywords/Search Tags:Open Selection of Leader System, Leading Cadres, Modern PersonnelAssessment
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