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Analysis Of The Problem About Rural Compulsory Education In The West Of China

Posted on:2013-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the reform and opening, as the quickly development of economic in China, the disparity between urban and rural becomes more and more big, the social fairness becomes the focus of attention, to construct the socialist new countryside, improve the farmers’income and realize the equal public services all become the key work of the current government. And the western rural public service construction is the next priority of the government, the western region particularly in the west countryside development in the most backward place, and is the key construct region during the12th period. In recent years, some serious problems come out because of the uneven distribution of the educational resources, not only stunt the implementation of the education fair and orderly development, and become social problems must be solved. In the rural area, education funds inadequacy, teacher shortage, education philosophy deviation. So reasonable configuration education resources and realize the education fair is imminent, give rural areas more policy tilt, especially must focus on building the obligation education, this also matches our nation’s "talents powers" strategy, only develop education can cultivate a lot of talents, promote western region’s development, and promote rural development and realize the consolidated development of urban-rural, then promote the comprehensive national strength and achieve the socialism harmonious society.
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