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The Formation Of The Self-consciousness Of The Professionalization Of Teachers

Posted on:2014-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330401462613Subject:Principles of Education
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Ever since the mid-1960s, the teacher occupation has changed from job to profession with its standing becoming specialization."We should regard the teacher occupation as a profession", the saying was put forward. Entering the1980s, teachers’specialization has become the focus of education research, and the professionalization turned white-hot. To train professional teachers has become the goal of educative reform in the21st century.By means of analysing the research findings of teachers’specialization, we have figure out:the research of teachers’specialization which we have got have involved every respect of professional development. It is regretful that these respects of research were all about external phenomena. And these respects were research which were put forward without the professional background. Nobody explored the teachers’specialization from the level of consciousness. Nobody explored the teachers’specialization from the level of consciousness. This is because teachers’external behaviour could be tested and measured easily, and the implicit factors which could not show to people are hard to be required, even though we have standards. Because of hearing some teachers complained the specialization by accident, the author thought it deeply. I think that teachers should try their best to bring our subjective initiative into play, and take part in the professionalization themselves. In essence, it is the self-examination and consciousness of the specialization. The specialization should be from the awakening of teachers’heart. To achieve the aim, teachers are supposed to build the professional consciousness, and this is the need for teachers’subjectivity, teachers’ requirement. And it is also the need for achieving teacher professionalism in socialization. Finally, It is for achieving teachers’specialization. The author analysed the proposition from the source by the way of dialectics. And summarized the concept of self-awareness of teachers’specialization by taking examples of predecessors’ demarcation of the concept of self-awareness. In fact, as a special main part of education, the self-awake during the specialization. As teachers are at the instance of the requirement of society, they could be conscious of necessity and importance of teachers specialization. It should have a clear understanding of the teaching through ascending individual professional level and explicit connotation, substance, standard and good of the producting the teachers’specialization conviction, having full understanding of self-development, giving full play to teachers’ initiative by self-improvement, achieving individual professional goals. And expound the surface features of professional consciousness from knowledge, emotion, ability and attitude by halves. Then I got the latency, motivation factors, reflexive factors, aesthetic factors, intermediate factors that have influence on the forming of professional consciousness by thinking. Finally, I put forward the road of professional consciousness which could awake, keep, form and sublime the professional consciousness from internal and external side. Internally, teachers should build correct education belief, and evaluate themselves reasoningly, then reflect on their own activities and develop self-awareness. Externally, good professional environment, teachers’own growth and development, constructing the environment which is good for forming professional consciousness. All these factors are good for forming the professional consciousness.Only if the professional consciousness is truely built, then is could give teachers a clear sense of themselves and specialization. After that, the consciousness and autonomy of teachers’ professional development could be put into practice. And the standard of teachers specialization could be promoted radically. We can achieve the teachers’specialization with all of these things done.
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