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The Research Of The Development And Manaement Of Human Resources In Jianxi Universities

Posted on:2014-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330401971420Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The rejuvenation of the nation is based on Education. The rejuvenation of theEducation is based on Teacher. In the era of knowledge economy in the newcircumstances, the international competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the humanresources become the key strategic resources to promote economic development in thefuture, and human resources of colleges and universities as high level human resources isan important force in the national knowledge innovation, technology innovation, is toimplement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and educationstrategy of talent powerful nation, the main force, play a basic, strategic role inpromoting and accelerating socialist modernization. Therefore, colleges and universitiesmust further emancipate the mind, change ideas, create the environment, strengthenhuman resources management of university teachers, and strive to build a sufficientquantity, reasonable structure, excellent quality, rich team cooperation and innovationspirit high level teachers, better conversion to promote high-tech research andimplementation of scientific and technological achievements, as the sustainabledevelopment of social economy, continuously strengthen the comprehensive nationalstrength and provide a strong protection.New period, new situation, new task, new and higher requirements for thedevelopment of human resources of university teachers, After the reform and opening up,especially since the21st century,college faculty’s human resources development hasmade some achievements, but the concept of modern human resources development isnot fully applied to the field of higher education, and bound college teachers humanresources in a certain extent dynamic presentation, limiting the overall advantages ofhuman resources of colleges and universities play, hinder the formation of the corecompetitiveness of colleges and universities. Therefore, this thesis aims to managementscience, economics and other disciplines theories and research methods, the modernhuman resource development theory is applied to the development and management ofhuman resources of colleges and universities in the process, broaden the field of study ofmodern human resources development. At the same time, according to the basic situationof Jiangxi University and an example of the development and management of humanresources of teachers in Jiangxi Agricultural University were studied, taken incombination with fan out from point to area, point the way, many problems of collegeteachers of Jiangxi human resources development and management process, mainlydisplays in: the loss of teachers human resources, teacher resources serious structuralimbalance, imperfect employment system, appraisal system one-sided, trainingmechanism is not sound and the other problems, aiming at these problems to put forward the feasible countermeasure: optimization of teacher human resource structure; stabilitymanagement of teachers in Colleges and universities; to speed up the reform of thesystem of appointment of teachers in Colleges and universities; construction ofevaluation system of scientific and rational; improving teachers’ training mechanism. Atthe same time, hope that this research can provide practical basis for promoting thecollege teachers of Jiangxi human resources development and the management level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jiangxi college, Teacher human resources, Development andManagement, Countermeasures
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