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Research On Talents Introduction For Yanan Government

Posted on:2014-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422462091Subject:Administrative Management
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With the coming of knowledge economy, human resources have become more and moreimportant, between fierce talent competition.The developed countries by virtue of their strongeconomic strength and advanced science and technology strength, in the talent contentionoften is in an invincible position.Our country serves as a developing country, is developed fortalent’s main target, talent resource especially innovative talents which are in serious shortage,serious obstacle our country economy and the development of high technology.Enter newcentury new level, our country government in view of the present situation of domestictalents, put forward new talent job of macroscopical layout, published a series of talentintroduction policy, introduced a number of high-quality innovative talents for the nation, thetalent team construction and inject new vitality.The introduction of talent of talent flow as one form of talent introduction, relatedproblems must first to analyze the principle of talent flow.And the flow of talent is the mainsite of talent market, the talent market mechanism to analyze.But as a result of the operationalmechanism of the talent market itself can not avoid the blindness and lag sex, cause talentmarket failure, normal mobility of talents is impeded, the talent market this invisible handcannot continue to guide the rational flow of talent, it is need the government macroeconomicregulation and control and the visible hand to control and guide.But in practice, thegovernment and the visible hand often do not give full play to the role of the flow of talent,the irrationality of the lack of timely containment.This article is based in Yanan City, the introduction of talent strategy problems, to YananCity talented person present situation analysis and the introduction of talent policyperformance were investigated, and at home and abroad through the introduction of talentpolicy analysis and summing up, the introduction of talent theory applied to practical,suitable for Yanan City Hall in the talent introduction suggestions to improve the present,Yanan City, the status of talent introduction, more smooth introduction of talent.This paperuses a variety of analysis and research methods, mainly include theory and literature analysis,summarize the law, investigation method of the questionnaire, make countermeasure fromgovernment legal system, talent evaluation, the positioning of government role and brings forward some suggestions to solve the problem and measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:the flow of talent, talent talent market, market failure, government role, talent introduction
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