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Study On The Teachers’ Flow About Compulsory Education In The Integration Of Rural And Urban Education

Posted on:2015-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422469465Subject:Principles of Education
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In recent years, under the influence of concept of value, economic benefits, workingenvironment, development opportunities and so on, some teachers flow from the West tothe East, from countryside to city, from the weak schools into high-quality schools. Thisone-way, blind mobility exacerbate imbalances between regions, urban and rural areas, andinter-school teachers, which caused the shortage of teachers in western, rural, weak schoolsand decline of educational standards. These factors seriously affected the development ofcompulsory education in our country. Teachers are the key driver aim to change the non-balanced development between city and countryside, regions and schools. The importantstrategy about equilibrium configuration is to strengthen rational flow between urban andrural rational.In recent years, with the accelerated pace of integration of urban and rural areas, someeducation departments take active measures to promote education development.But infact the gap is still grim. It is difficult clearly to realize the teachers national bidirectiona flow.Even so it is possible to realize reasonable flow in a county.In The paper I mainly adopt the literature method, interview method and case studymethod and researche the flow of compulsory education teachers in X County Baoding CityHebei Province, from the urban and rural integration perspective. This paper providesreasonable suggestions and reference to improve the teachers flow system forthe formulation city. Firstly I comb the related theory about the flow of teachers from theperspective of urban rural integration to clarify the scientific meaning of the flow ofteachers. Secondly, I evaluate advantages and disadvantages of teachers flow in thecountry.and Summe up achievements that make by the flow of teachers in X CountyBaoding City Hebei Province, combining with the urban and rural teachers data distributionand interview data.There are also shortages such as single form, teachers shortage andindividual teachers city tendency. On this basis, I profite from the successful experiencessuch as famous teachers sharing principals in Beijing; two-way communication betweenteachers and schoolmasters in Shaanxi; teachers rotation system in Tokyoand teachers exchange system in Korean. I analyse theory and case informationcomprehensively. In this paper I put forward more appropriate countermeasures inthree levels--policy guidance, the teachers management system reform and assurance ofteachers flow,so that urban and rural teachers flow returns to rational and orderly track.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural-urban integration, integration of urban and rural education, flow of teachers, balanced development of education
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