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The Promotion Of Student Work System In Newly Established Colleges To Autonomous Learning Of New University Students And Research

Posted on:2013-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425457336Subject:Principles of Education
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Abstract:Autonomous learning for social development, educational change and individual growth, are of great significance. College students as a new force of the future society, the abilities of self-learning, not only have important implications for college students’individual growth in the school, but also are the key to sustainable development in society in the future. So, explore various channels to promote the effective way to enhance the university students’ self-learning ability are very important.Up to date, the researches on Universities’ student work system to improve the Autonomous learning of college students own learning is very few. Newly established undergraduate colleges almost account for half of the country’s total undergraduate institutions. However, almost no studies conducted by student work system about how to promote the Autonomous learning, thus, current study conducted a field study in Chengdu University to investigate how student work system in Chengdu university to effectively promote new autonomous learning.On the basis of Contrasting, this study focused on autonomous learning of new students in Chengdu University. The findings of this study showed that autonomous learning abilities of new students show the general level (or relatively low)and need improving. That mainly embodies in learning motivation、learning strategies、meta cognition、etc. However, there are great rooms for new students to improve. This study employed case study and survey to investigate the efforts made by student work system department and the feedback from new students about the approach applied by student work system department to improve students’ autonomous learning. This study also highlight the view of full time teaching staffs on the outcome of strategies by student work system department to promote students’learning capabilities. This study summarized the best method in improving study autonomous learning. This study also found that student work system department played very well in helping students to set goals, value and solve the problem of psychological issue. This study also stated the weakness of student work system department in promoting new university student autonomous learning. On the basis of that, the author put forward the further measures of promoting new university student autonomous learning in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly Established College, Student Work System, New University Student, Autonomous Learning
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