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Huhhot6Investigation On Integrated Teaching Mode Of Public PE In Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2014-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425981269Subject:Physical Education and Training
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On October22,2012, promulgated by the State Council forward implementationof the circular of the Ministry of education and other departments on notice on furtherstrengthening the work of school physical education requirements: our adolescentphysical and mental health, physically fit, strong, dynamic, is the vigorousembodiment of a nation, is a sign of social civilization and progress, are importantaspects of the comprehensive national strength. Physical exercise is an effective wayto improve students ’ health quality, adolescent development of moral, intellectual,aesthetic quality and healthy lifestyle has an irreplaceable role. Strengthening theschool physical education, enhancing students ’ physical fitness, for improving thecomprehensive qualities of students, realizing education modernization, humanresources power construction, foster all-round development of morality, intelligence,physique and art of Socialist builders and successors, is of important strategicsignificance.Currently, as I continued to deepen the reform of physical education teachingresearch, promoting quality-oriented education and "health first" guiding ideology inschools progressively implemented, popularity of ideology of lifetime sports, as wellas follow-up to the platform for the nationwide body-building plan. As the main taskof College physical education in China--"developing students ’ lifelongconsciousness" had to show important status. This article by documentation methodand questionnaire method of research methods, statistical methods and logicalanalysis, Huhhot6the investigation and analysis of present situation of physicaleducation in colleges, randomly selected120physical education teachers and300students for the study, and affecting factors on the steady decline in the physicalquality of college students conducted a comprehensive and systematic study.Hushidiqu reform of College physical education to provide accurate data to support,to improve the physical quality of college students, instilling in them a lifelong sportsconsciousness, claiming that it is the actual value of reference.Research results indicates that: Hohhot area6by University PE inside andoutside integration teaching overall implementation effect good, education sector leadership very attention University Sports of development, in encourages policyShang, funding inputs Shang are is attention; University sports teaching Departmentof institutions set reasonable, management system sound, teaching target positioningclear, teaching management basic in place; teacher structure reasonable and teachershas height dedicated spirit, but teachers research capacity to be further improve;sports teaching venues, and equipment, and Facilities Basic can meet students of PE,and extra-curricular activities and sporting competition of need, but part venues, andequipment need regularly maintenance and replaced; PE teaching content set basicreasonable, students select room for more, but can basis need additional partemerging sports project, improve students learning enthusiasm; PE on studentslifelong sports consciousness of training target clear, but effect General, needed inteaching in the be improve; University should strengthening on students sportsculture of education, let students real awareness and like sports, And learn toappreciate sport competitions canceled the morning exercises and sports activitiesafter class in some universities, students exercise less time, cause a reduction inphysical fitness, proposes a gradual resumption of morning exercises and extra-curricular sports activities.According to on investigation data do in-depth of analysis, can concluded thatfollowing conclusions: Hohhot area6by University PE inside and outside integrationfuture of development, school leadership and related functions sector shouldcontinues to increased sports funding of inputs; increased sports venues ofconstruction, and acquisition and update sports equipment, efforts improve hardwarefacilities, to guarantees students has sufficient of sports ground to for sports activities;further enhanced sports teachers of teacher power, improve sports teachersprofessional level and capacity, perfect teacher structure proportion, active introducedexcellent talent; Implementation new of teaching mode, created relative free loose ofteaching atmosphere, additional new of movement project, such as in recent years hotof fight fuck, and Sanda, and feet fighter,, as possible meet students of differentrequirements, improve students of movement interest, fired student movementpotential, thereby habit good of movement habits; gradually recovery morningexercises, and arrangements specialized of on duty teachers for auxiliary, andmanagement, cannot formality; on students of examination standard should has levels sexual, difference students of individual differences, respectively treats, Both reflectthe level of students ’ sports ability and health, reflects the progress of students,evaluation becomes motivation the motivation of students, evaluation approaches ofcombining learning outcomes and learning processes, on students ’ evaluation of thefull range, raise students ’ interest in physical education classes. To this, cultivatestudents ’ lifelong consciousness.
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