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Research Of Young College Female Teachers’Job Satisfaction And Its Influencing Factors

Posted on:2015-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a large number of new growing group in colleges and universities, the working condition of young college female teachers has caused much attention from the management of academics and universities. Working status will directly affect the development of higher education, and the job satisfaction of young college female teachers will be directly reflected in the work enthusiasm and passion, thus it will have a direct impact on the level of teaching and research. So, what is level of young female college teachers’job satisfaction at this stage? What factors can have an impact on their job satisfaction? What are the key factors and whether there are differences in all factors of job satisfaction between young female teachers of different characteristics? The paper will focus on these the main contents.Based on the related theory, first of all, the paper tries to define the concept of job satisfaction, review and summaries the related literature of job satisfaction characteristics and other organizational factors of teachers, and combine the own characteristics of young college female teachers to qualitatively analyze the influence of university young female teachers’job satisfaction factors; Secondly, in consultation the integrated advice from the experts, combined with personal understanding, the paper divides the drivers of job satisfaction of young college female teachers into six dimensions. What is more, by reading the literature and having interviews with teachers, the paper selects the measures of each dimension; Finally, this paper takes the universities in Anhui for example and uses the method of questionnaires to investigate each dimension of drivers of young college female teachers’ job satisfaction and the overall level. The paper uses SPSS software to carry out data processing and statistical analysis in order draw a conclusion to answer the above questions.Studies show that:the overall level of job satisfaction of young college female teachers is high and there are six dimensions influencing job satisfaction, including work environment, the work itself, work return, growth and development, job stress and interpersonal, besides, the order of these six dimensions that influences the young college female teachers’job satisfaction is as follows:relationships, work itself, work stress, work environment, growth and development, reward for work. Among them, the work itself, relationships and work environment are the critical factors for young college female teachers’ job satisfaction. In addition, different individual characteristics of young college female teachers have a significant impact on each dimension of job satisfaction and overall job satisfaction. In this view, the paper puts forwards the related advice from the three aspects of universities, young female teachers and the society in order to provide some theoretical significance and practical significance for the improvement of job satisfaction of young college female teachers.
Keywords/Search Tags:young female teachers, job satisfaction, influencing factors, factor analysis
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