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A Practical Study On The Effective Management Of The Chinese Language And Literature Class-teaching In The High Schools

Posted on:2015-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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There are lots of factors affecting the class teaching quality, and class management is undoubtedly among the main ones. The effectiveness of the Chinese language and literature teaching in high schools rely on the effective class management in addition to the teaching itself. Effective class management can create good conditions for the class teaching, ensure high learning efficiency in per unit of time and prompt the overall, initiative and sound development of students.The overseas systematic research on the class management started in the1950s. After several decades, a lot of class management theories and modes have been used in the cultivating and training to the teachers and have become the important contents for prompting teachers’ professional accomplishment. Little study on the class management was done in the teaching theories in our country in the past, therefore, special study on relevant subject class management is both less and late. In recent years, the teaching researchers begin to combine the class teaching with the teaching management, however, most of which are macro-class researches, which lack personalized research to different subjects management and lack the distinct research of the same subject class-management to the students in different ages. Little attention is paid on the effectiveness of the management of the Chinese language and literature calss(MCLLC).This article includes falls into four parts:part one includes introduction, the main research reason, review, significance, direction and the main contents; part two includes analyzing the present situation of the class management and the reasons of the class management failure of the MCLLC and the basic approaches of prompting effectiveness of the MCLLC; How to change traditional concept of "hetero-organization" management and enhance the effectiveness of "self-organization" management; How to change the result-oriented style of class management and attach the importance to the process of the students’ disillusion themselves and obtaining accomplishment; How to change the teaching without characteristics of "focusing the group" and pay attention to the individuality development and innovation consciousness of the students. Part four, also the last part is the conclusion which emphasizes the practical value of the effective MCLLC.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese language and literature in the high schools, classmanagement, class teaching, effectiveness
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