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The Study Of Sino-Russian Relations From The Perspective Of New Geopolitics

Posted on:2015-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330467950427Subject:International relations
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China and Russia are each other’s largest neighbors, and are both important geopolitical zones. At the same time, both of them are emerging countries and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Whether the two countries can develop a sound relationship is vitally important not only for economic growth and national interests safeguarding of themselves, but also for the peace and development of the Asian areas, as well as the stability of the world situation. Therefore, this bilateral relationship have been widely concerned by the people of politics and community both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, the Sino-Russian relationship is one of the important fields studied by academic circle. In view of the fact that China and Russia are close neighbors, and have natural geographical relations, the paper intends to make a deep analysis of the relationship between China and Russia in political, economic and cultural areas from the perspective of new geopolitical theory. Based on the analysis of present relationship, the paper will study the future development trend of Sino-Russian relations. The purpose of this paper is to show the relationship between China and Russia from a different angle, and then to give people a fuller and clearer understanding of this relationship.This paper is divided into six parts.The first part is the introduction. This part expounds the research origin and significance of this paper; moreover, it summarizes and evaluates internal and overseas research actuality of the subject. In addition, the research ideas, research methods, innovations and flaws of this paper is introduced in this part, too.The second part is the overview of the geopolitical theory. This part mainly introduces traditional geopolitical theory and the problems that it faces in the new period, thereby deriving new contents such as geoeconomics and geoculture, which are based on the traditional geopolitical theory. This part also expounds the viewpoints in geopolitics about China and Russia as well as their geographical relations. The third part to the fifth part are the cores of the paper. These parts elaborate the current Sino-Russian relationship and the reasons for this relationship from three angles of new geopolitics, including the geopolitics, the geoeconomics and the geoculture. Furthermore, these parts point out that the relationship between the two countries in political, economic and cultural areas has got great development after the Soviet Union collapsed. However, there are also some problems in this relationship, which China and Russia need to face rationally and overcome together.The sixth part is the prospect of Sino-Russian relationship. This part mainly points out the positive factors and the negative factors in the development of Sino-Russian relations, and then discusses political and academic circles’ thinking on the development of geopolitical relations between the two countries in China and Russia. On the basis of the above analysis, future development direction of Sino-Russian relationship is predicted in this part.
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